Lifegoal Achieved: Amsterdam on or before 30

So after a pretty long hiatus, I decided to take step in the blog zone again just to inform the interwebz that I have achieved my life goal of visiting Amsterdam. <3 p="p">
#obligatory #omgomgomg

I went on a 2-week solo trip and visited 5 countries in Europe (and cycled in 4 cities, yey) and all I can say is this:


Plus cycling in Munich, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona are priceless. Rome's cobbled pavements are not biker-friendly, sadly (shout out to my fellow Pinoys in The Legends Hostel in Rome!!!). Photos from my trip are uploaded on my Flickr page. Meh.

Phnom Penh bound next week and I'm pretty much excited...it will be my first trip to Cambodia and I'm  defintely gonna try Happy Pizza.
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