Searching for the Famous Santorini Blue Church

This is the story of how we found the not-famous blue church:

"How do we go to the famous blue church? That one." We pointed at the lovely blue-domed structure that can be seen from our villa. Because tourists and National Geographic.

"Oh, there are a lot of blue churches in Santorini, " our Airbnb host told us, yet she proceeded to give us directions to the place where we badly want to go. Interestingly, neither Jerome nor I wrote down her instructions. We shall dub this Mistake #1.

So off we went to Fira town where we began our touristy quest to find the blue-y church. We roamed around for an hour or two, making the occasional stops to snap photos, making sure that we don't step on donkey poop, and basically just gawk at everything we see (that doesn't have donkey poop on it). We walked A LOT.

Did we find THAT blue church? No. Because we got lost and ended up having Gyros and Souvlakis instead. Introducing Mistake #2, minus the eating part, of course.

We went to this one instead--a small church that literally stood in the middle of an almost-empty field. It wasn't in the town proper but it was still nice and it was BLUE so we had our photo taken here...at the not-famous blue church.

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