How to Change the Passport Details of your Tiger Airways Itinerary

I think 90% of Tiger Airways' customers are saying that this Australian airline is the worst ever. I've read A LOT of rants about how Tiger mercilessly rerouted/cancelled/delayed flights without prior notice AND refund. Recently, this huge PR mess happened and I'm pretty sure they need to hire a great corporate communications department if they could manage to get out of the situation alive. And the Tiger Airways Facebook Page? Wall Post disabled. Boom. Social Media Disaster 101.

I thought I would also join the Tiger Haters fun club because of their online flight booking procedures. It is important to note that you cannot book a flight if 1) you don't key in your passport number and expiry date and 2)if your passport is expiring in six (6) months.

Q: Excuse me Tiger Airways, what if you have this ridiculously awesome promo fare that I want to book but my passport is expiring in 6 months? Can I put mock passport details and have it changed after I get my new passport, hopefully for free?

A: Fuck off.

Seriously. If you search the interwebz for answers, you will just end up very confused. Other people even said that a certain fee would be charged for passport amendments (!!!!). Some said it's free of charge but you need to wait laboriously to get through the hotline. In Manila, the phone agent even told my friend that changing of passport details is subject to management approval. Corporate evil whores.

I'm based in Singapore so Kin suggested that I call the hotline here to check if there's another option. I dialed +65 68084437 and braised myself for a 45-minute telephone muzak. Amazingly, a phone booking agent picked up (in under two minutes yey!) and breezily helped me amend the passport details FREE OF CHARGE. You just need to provide your itinerary reference number, birthday, old passport number (the one you keyed in when you booked the flight, very important!), new passport number, and new passport expiry date. Afterwards, they will resend via email your "correct" itinerary as proof that there's still hope in this world.

Have a safe flight! :)


Spiritual Quote of the Day

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Ps. 30:5)

It has been a long night and I am looking forward to a very bright morning.


McDonald's Singapore Twister Fries: I'm Lovin' It

Yes, it's been a while since my last post. Am I busy? Well, not really. Singapore is such a ho-hum city, if you ask me. I guess I'm not posting *that* much because I don't have my camera with me. :( I just find it really hard to tell a story without good-quality images. I need a decent digital camera but my budget cannot allow me as of the moment. For now, I guess I'll just stick to my 2-year old symbian phone for my photos.

Moving forward, I just want to say that McDonald's Twister Fries is here in Singapore. <3 But, unlike in Manila, the marketing people here didn't give much fuss over this yummy curly calorie-rich nom. No Kitchie Nadal jingle, TVCs, print ads, radio, or digital campaigns were created to promote the product.

McDo Twister Fries TVC feat. Kitchie Nadal from 5 YEARS AGO (omg)

Just add 50cents to any value meal to upgrade to a medium sized twister fries. Or you could just buy a la carte at 3.30 (Medium) and 3.45 (Large). Enjoy.

McSpicy + Twister Fries = Heaven

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