Georgina Wilson will be in America's Next Top Model Season 17: All Stars!

Breaking news on Twitter!

@iloveGEORGINA SO EXCITED to announce something that I've been keeping for so long now! I will be in this season of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!!!! season 17!

Woot! :) I'm so excited to watch the episode where Georgina Wilson will *probably* have a cameo. America's Next Top Model Season 17, also known as All-Stars, features the girls from the previous ANTM cycles. According to Georgina's post, the episode (also the semi-finals) was shot in Greece and will air on November 9, 2011 in the US.

The episode will be aired in the Philippines via ETC on the following schedules:

November 14, 2011 (Monday) - 8 to 9 pm
November 17, 2011 (Thursday) - 9 to 10 pm
November 18, 2011 (Friday) - 3 to 4 pm
November 20, 2011 (Sunday) - 7 to 8pm

Mark your calendars people. Pinoy Pride! :)


Katy Perry 2012 Manila Concert

So Katy Perry will have another concert in Manila! Her Teenage Dream Tour will be held on January 22, 2012 at SM Mall of Asia.

Ticket prices are as follows:

VIP - Php 15,000
Diamond (Reserved Seats) - Php 10,000
Titanium - Php 6,550
Gold - Php 4,550
Silver (Standing) - Php 2,050
Bronze (Standing) - Php 850

You can buy your tickets starting November 8, 2011. Thanks to Charlemagne Lim for the tip! :)

K, who's watching?


Two Door Cinema Club Singapore Photos

Still bummed that Kin and I weren't able to catch Friendly Fires in HKG this week. Good thing we attended Two Door Cinema Club's first Singapore concert at the Esplanade Theatre. Justin and Penny were too! Awesome concert. Awesome band. Awesome night. I got several bruises from dancing/jumping/bouncing around, hehe. Still waiting for the Laneway 2012 line up...I bet it would be great!!! Photos from TDCC concert below:

4th row, center!!!

pre-concert bacardi shot


because you don't sit down in a concert like this

Penny, Kin, and I

Thanks TDCC for the awesomesauce!!!


Manila Job Hunting Tips

An "ideal job" is not something that would miraculously present itself to you. Finding it is a quest that requires an appropriate mix of effort, patience, and skills. How would you stand out from a handful of applicants who are more experienced, educated, and better-looking than you? What would it take to hear the sweet words, "Congratulations, we like to offer you the job"? Below are some job hunting tips, if you need any.

1. A Kick-ass yet Professional Resume

- Putting your favorite Friendster photo in your resume, though tempting, is not recommend.
- Your gorgeousbabe13@web.com email address? Change that to something appropriate. Remember, you want to get the attention of the boss, not some random sex offender.
- Highlight your qualifications in a detailed yet brief way. Nobody likes to read a 5-page single spaced resume.
- Check your spelling and grammer grammar.

2. "Are you free tomorrow for an interview?"

- Be honest. Tell the employer if you can make the schedule or not.
- Prepare! Search online for commonly asked questions during interview, write down your answers, and practice saying it out loud. THIS REALLY REALLY REALLY WORKS.
- Dress appropriately i.e. no jeje cap.
- Arrive 10 minutes prior your scheduled appointment.
- Bring copies of your resumes with you.
- FLAUNT YOUR PERSONALITY. Your kick-ass yet professional resume already got you halfway the quest. Employers need to see WHO YOU ARE. Be confident, think of your answers carefully, speak slowly, and please, don't piss on your chair.

3. "Do you have any questions?"

- These 5 words are very important. For chrissakes, don't tell the interviewer "I don't have any."
- There are a lot of online resources that could help you draft appropriate questions to your interviewer.

4. Say "Thank You"

- After the interview, it's a nice gesture to send a Thank You email. Sincerely show your gratitude and tell them that you are looking forward for their positive feedback.

5. Wait

- Be patient
- Pray
- If you get the job, YEY!
- If you don't get the job, to pls don't go emo. :( Reflect on what possibly went wrong and see how you could improve on your next quest.

If you are currently on a quest for an ideal job, you might want to drop by the Jobgantic Career Fair 2011. Hosted by Jobstreet.com, the number one job portal in the Philippines, this event will feature 250 top companies from here and abroad. Pre-register at www.jobstreet.com, ready your resumes, and head down to SMX Convention Centre with your game face on. This two-day event is scheduled on August 12-13, 2011, 10 am to 7 pm.

Jobgantic Fair 2011 by Jobstreet.com

For more details, visit www.jobstreet.com.


How to Change the Passport Details of your Tiger Airways Itinerary

I think 90% of Tiger Airways' customers are saying that this Australian airline is the worst ever. I've read A LOT of rants about how Tiger mercilessly rerouted/cancelled/delayed flights without prior notice AND refund. Recently, this huge PR mess happened and I'm pretty sure they need to hire a great corporate communications department if they could manage to get out of the situation alive. And the Tiger Airways Facebook Page? Wall Post disabled. Boom. Social Media Disaster 101.

I thought I would also join the Tiger Haters fun club because of their online flight booking procedures. It is important to note that you cannot book a flight if 1) you don't key in your passport number and expiry date and 2)if your passport is expiring in six (6) months.

Q: Excuse me Tiger Airways, what if you have this ridiculously awesome promo fare that I want to book but my passport is expiring in 6 months? Can I put mock passport details and have it changed after I get my new passport, hopefully for free?

A: Fuck off.

Seriously. If you search the interwebz for answers, you will just end up very confused. Other people even said that a certain fee would be charged for passport amendments (!!!!). Some said it's free of charge but you need to wait laboriously to get through the hotline. In Manila, the phone agent even told my friend that changing of passport details is subject to management approval. Corporate evil whores.

I'm based in Singapore so Kin suggested that I call the hotline here to check if there's another option. I dialed +65 68084437 and braised myself for a 45-minute telephone muzak. Amazingly, a phone booking agent picked up (in under two minutes yey!) and breezily helped me amend the passport details FREE OF CHARGE. You just need to provide your itinerary reference number, birthday, old passport number (the one you keyed in when you booked the flight, very important!), new passport number, and new passport expiry date. Afterwards, they will resend via email your "correct" itinerary as proof that there's still hope in this world.

Have a safe flight! :)


Spiritual Quote of the Day

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Ps. 30:5)

It has been a long night and I am looking forward to a very bright morning.


McDonald's Singapore Twister Fries: I'm Lovin' It

Yes, it's been a while since my last post. Am I busy? Well, not really. Singapore is such a ho-hum city, if you ask me. I guess I'm not posting *that* much because I don't have my camera with me. :( I just find it really hard to tell a story without good-quality images. I need a decent digital camera but my budget cannot allow me as of the moment. For now, I guess I'll just stick to my 2-year old symbian phone for my photos.

Moving forward, I just want to say that McDonald's Twister Fries is here in Singapore. <3 But, unlike in Manila, the marketing people here didn't give much fuss over this yummy curly calorie-rich nom. No Kitchie Nadal jingle, TVCs, print ads, radio, or digital campaigns were created to promote the product.

McDo Twister Fries TVC feat. Kitchie Nadal from 5 YEARS AGO (omg)

Just add 50cents to any value meal to upgrade to a medium sized twister fries. Or you could just buy a la carte at 3.30 (Medium) and 3.45 (Large). Enjoy.

McSpicy + Twister Fries = Heaven


Two Door Cinema Club Live in Singapore!

Kin and I already have tickets to Two Door Cinema Live in Singapore, happening on August 11, 2011 at Esplanade Concert Hall! :) Row D, seats 9-11 YEY!!! Ticket prices are so expensive leh, but it's okay! I'm so excited for TDCC!!! I hope they play all the good songs, especially this one:

Two Door Cinema Club
"What You Know" Lyrics

In a few weeks
I will get time
To realize it's right before my eyes
And I can take it if it's what I want to do

I am leaving
This is starting to feel like
It's right before my eyes
And I can taste it
It's my sweet beginning

And I can tell just what you want
You don't want to be alone
You don't want to be alone
And I can't say it's what you know
But you've known it the whole time
Yeah, you've known it the whole time

Maybe next year
I'll have no time
To think about the questions to address
Am I the one to try to stop the fire?

I wouldn't test you
I'm not the best you could have attained
Why try anything?
I will get there
Just remember I know

And I can tell just what you want
You don't want to be alone
You don't want to be alone
And I can't say it's what you know
But you've known it the whole time
Yeah, you've known it the whole time

And I can tell just what you want
You don't want to be alone
You don't want to be alone
And I can't say it's what you know
But you've known it the whole time
Yeah, you've known it the whole time


Breaking Dawn Official Trailer is Out!

Thanks to the interwebz, everyone finally got a peek of Breaking Dawn, the 3rd installment of the Twilight series. Yes, I read the book. And yes, I watched Twilight in the Cinema (and it sucked). But I'm not really a big fan. However, I'm really interested to see how the honeymoon scene would be portrayed since 95% of this film's fan-base are teenagers. Below is the official trailer for your viewing pleasure. The 2-secon-headboard-smashing-sexytime-scene is at 01:18.

Enjoy, kids.

Breaking Dawn Official Trailer

Max's Chicken All You Can 2011!

After the success of last year's promo, I think Max's is reviving its most popular promotion--Max's Chicken All You Can! I heard it will begin on June 10, 2011 based on their teaser ads. It will run for a month, until July 11, 2011. Stay tuned for updates regarding price and promo mechanics! :)

June 10, 2011!!!


The Promo Poster and Price is out! Avail of Max's Eat All You Can Chicken Promo for only Php 199 daily between 6pm to 9pm. Promo runs from June 10, 2011 until July 10, 2011. Woot, see you at Max's!

Max's Chicken All You Can 2011 for only 199!!!

Want promo updates sent to your inbox? Click this Subscribe to Eat.Drink.Dance.(Repeat!) via email :)


Friendly Fires 2011 Tour Dates

Friendly Fires *heart* already released their tour schedule for year 2011! They will be back in Asia on August 13 but they would hold shows at Japan and Hong Kong. So, yes, we're going to HKG! yey!

Tour Dates:

05/26 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
05/27 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
05/28 – Montreal, QC @ Corona Theatre
05/30 – Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
05/31 – Chicago, IL @ Debonair Social Club
06/01 – Minneapolis, MN @ Varisty Theatre
06/01 – 09/21 – Ibiza, ES @ Ibiza Rocks
06/04 – Vancouver, BC @ Venue
06/05 – Seattle, WA @Neumos
06/06 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
06/08 – San Francisco, CA @ Public Works SF
06/08 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
06/10 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Music Box
06/11 – Mexico City, MX @ Covadonga
06/17-19 – cheeßel & Neuhausen ob Eck, DE @ Hurricane & Southside Festivals
06/22-26 – Glastonbury, UK @ Glastonbury Festival
07/07-09 – Oeiras, PT @ Optimus Alive! Festival
07/08-10 – Naas, UK @ Oxegen Festival
07/08-10 – Knross, UK @ T In The Park
07/14-17 – Benicassim, ES @ Benicassim Festival
07/29-31 – Woodford, AU @ Splendour In The Grass
08/05-07 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
08/13 - Osaka, Japan @ Summer Sonic
08/14 - Tokyo, Japan @ Summer Sonic
08/16 - Kowloon, Hongkong @ Kitec <--we will be here!!!
08/07 – New York, NY @ Central Park SummerStage
08/18-20 – Kiewit, BE @ Pukkelpop
08/26-28 – Reading & Leeds, UK @ Reading & Leeds Festival
10/04 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
10/05 – Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel
10/08 – Orlando, FL @ The Social
10/09 – Miami, FL @ Langerado Music Festival
10/12 – Dallas, TX @ Granada Theater
10/14 – Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse
10/16 – San Francisco, CA @ Treasure Island Music Festival
10/19 – Seattle, WA @ Neptune Theatre
10/22 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
10/25 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
10/26 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5
10/27 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club


Baybeats Festival 2011 Lineup

2 days ago, Baybeats tweeted that this year's microsite will be up today! I'm so excited to see which bands would performing on August 19-21, 2011. Will update this post once the band line up is out!


Thinking Twice Could Be A Smart Move

It’s been 3 months since I made a life-altering decision of moving to Singapore. I could still remember the day I was informed by my employer that my work pass was finally approved. I was very lucky, she said, because Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower is very strict towards foreign applicants. Congratulations were in order and the conversation ended with a note that I have a month to process my documents else my employment would be forfeited. With that, massive waves of emotions immediately kicked in—excitement, sadness, happiness, fear, and most of all, doubt.

1 month. 31 days. 4 weeks. 744 hours. 44,640 minutes. Insert song and dance number here. Meh. Kidding aside, a month is not enough to finalize my work turnover, say goodbye to everyone, and prepare for a new phase in my life. The situation got me thinking twice. Am I ready for a big change? Is Singapore worthy enough to leave my career, relationship, friends, and family behind? Do I really really REALLY want this? I had to make a firm decision soon considering the small time given to me. Thankfully, words of encouragement, assurance, and support poured in from my loved ones. “Kaya mo yan, Dani.” I knew then that working in Singapore would be a smart choice.

So yes, it’s been 3 months. Have I adjusted here? Hmmm…not yet, but I’m going there. :) Do I get sad? I guess it’s perfectly normal to get homesick from time to time. Good thing I have a new set of Pinoy friends here who share my craziness for food and beer. Hehe. Quite honestly, there are times when I feel weak and wish that I could just go back to Manila. But I know I have to overcome my emotions and think twice. All I need is to embrace this huge change in my life and see the positive side of things so I could be happy.

New found friends, yey!

Best. Housemates. Ever.

Thinking twice is not a bad thing. In fact, allowing room for doubt, or change even, shows courage and wisdom. Interestingly, Charmee Breathable Pantyliner recently launched a campaign that encourages women to think twice and make a smart choice when it comes to everyday feminine hygiene care. As a Charmee-user, I could attest for its quality and value. In fact, I have it in my must-include-in-Singapore-luggage list because Charmee is more affordable compared to other brands in Manila and Singapore. I'm serious because I'm a cheapskate like that. ^__^ For only Php1.15 (Sgd0.03)per liner, I feel fresh everyday wherever I am. Very cool, lah!

Think Twice!

Know more about thinking twice and making a smart choice for yourself by visiting the official website of Charmee at http://charmee.com.ph/. You may also follow and interact with your fellow smart women via Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.


What women want, women get. On May 24th, #BKLadiesnight is just for you. Find out all the juicy details

What women want, women get. On May 24th, #BKLadiesnight is just for you. Find out all the juicy details


List of Singapore Group Buying Sites

With the popularity of groupon copycats, it might be helpful to have a list of daily deals from various group buying sites. Below is a list of Singapore groupon sites as of April 2011 which you might find useful (in no particular order).


Which of these are your favorite? :)


Shop and Nom at Ikea Tampines

I've been wanting to visit Ikea since I moved to Singapore but I figured it would be more fun if I wait for Cha and Kin's arrival first. So last Saturday, we visited the branch nearest to my place which is Ikea Tampines. It took us around an hour to go there because the bus wait was soooooooooooooo long.


The first thing we did: eat hotdogs! No photos kasi gutom na gutom na kami lah. Hohohooo. We managed to nom the hotdogs in less than ten minutes because we were so excited to go inside the store.

inside Ikea Tampines

Cha and Kin gets comfy in the showroom

Dani S Cooking Show!

It's true. Ikea is a happy place. I demand a house filled with Ikea stuff! :( Kitchen, beds, fluffy pillows....I WANT THEM ALL. I wish there would be a Manila branch soon, I'm sure my mama would love it more than I do!

Bargain finds at Ikea As Is Section

Another thing that we're looking forward to is the food! I heard the chicken wings and swedish meatballs are a definite must-try here.



Kin and I got the 10pcs swedish meatballs (SGD6.50) which came with baked potato, gravy, and berry jam. The meatballs somehow reminded me of Jollibee's Burger Steak (or maybe I'm just too homesick? hahaha). It would have been nice though if it was mashed potato instead of the baked one. The wings, on the other hand, are just so-so. For me it was nothing special. I still prefer Wingman's version when it comes to fried wings.

By the way, you can take away the meatballs from the frozen section for SGD15 per pack (1kg). Not bad! For more information about Ikea Singapore, visit www.ikea.com.sg.

Weekend Love with Kin and Cha

I wish the weekend never ended! Good thing JEW had a concert and Cha got her commission! We visited Ikea, Stereolounge, Charlie Brown Cafe and Aston's Specialties. Hoping for a part two! :)

Opp Blk 50


Arnold's Chicken: The Best Fried Chicken in Singapore

I've been busy these days since I moved to Singapore so I haven't been updating this blog a lot. Things are doing fine here but I definitely miss my family, friends, and mamao. :( Good thing there's Skype to keep me sane!

Anyway, I've been reading several blog posts about Arnold's Chicken. Well-known Singaporean bloggers attest that Arnold's Chicken serves the best fried chicken in the country that is why I've been meaning to try it since January. The nearest branch to my place is at City Plaza Geylang Road so we went there after our church service today.

City Plaza Mall

The five of us each got an order of Half Spring Chicken Set (SGD5.90) which comes with fries and coleslaw. If you're not the veggie person type, you could have your greens replaced with mashed potato instead. Beverage prices are between SGD1.90 (cola, teh tarik, coffee) to SGD2.70 (bottled mineral water, meh).

Arnold's Half Spring Chicken Set

After several minutes of waiting (the place was fully packed, by the way), we were served five platefuls of  fried chicken. WOW. It was HUGE compared to Max's Half Spring Chicken. Another interesting fact, no utensils were provided (except a spoon for the coleslaw and gravy) because apparently, Arnold's customers devour their yummy poultry with bare hands. Cute. Except for the fact that it's piping hot lololol. Taste wise, the chicken is very juicy with the right mix of salt and spice. It's almost like Jollibee Chickenjoy but crispier!

Arnold's Chicken has three branches at City Plaza, Hougang Green Shopping Mall, and Pasir Ris Town Park. Visit their website at www.arnoldsfriedchicken.com for branch information and home delivery.


Ad Tech Singapore 2011 Registration Fees

Ad:Tech Singapore just opened its online registration today, February 28. This year's event, scheduled on June 16-17, will happen at Suntec Convention.

Three (3) passes are available: Individual Pass, Conference Pass, and Exhibit Hall Pass. Discounts will be provided for corporate and/or group purchases. Also, the Exhibit Pass is definitely FREE when you register online until June. Of course, I registered early today for the exhibit pass...I wish I had money for an individual pass but I'm sure I'll still learn a lot at the keynotes and speaker forums.


Digiratis you may check the corresponding fees and/or register for Adtech Singapore here. I strongly suggest signing up for the newsletter for updates about the conference.

See you at Suntec!

Justin Bieber Singapore Concert Ticket Prices

The B will be here in SG. Not that I care but I'm sure a lot of 12-year-old girls do!!! The event, slated on April 19, 2011 at Singapore Indoor Stadium, is part of Justin Bieber's "My World" tour.

Apparently, online ticket selling for Justin Bieber Singapore concert has already started this morning. Ticket prices (excluding Sistic booking fee) are as follows: S$250, S$228, S$198, S$168, S$148, S$98.

Below is the concert floor plan for your reference:

Note though that only Visa Cardholders could book from February 28 to March 13. Public sales of tickets for non-visa cardholders would start on March 14, midnight.

RSVP to this event on Facebook here.

Look at lesbians who look like Justin Bieber here.


I watched Friendly Fires Live in Singapore!!!

SG concerts are <3 Just watched Friendly Fires two days ago at Fort Canning with my newly-found SG friends: Kim, Bya, Jen, and Celine!

 VIP Tickets!

My bestfriend Kin was supposed to watched this concert too but she chose CDO w/ BF over FF which was weird and cute at the same time. "I'm a changed person," she said. LOL. I just called her up when FF played "Paris" as a consolation.

Jump in the pool!

photo by Celine Jacinto

It was actually Faithless' concert and FF was just the front act. However, Faithless took a long time to set up and we're not really interested to hear them so we left early. Huge thanks to Bya for the passes! :)

obligatory group shot inside the lift


Laneway Festival Singapore Experience

We got wet and we got dirty but it was fun nonetheless.

early bird tickets from sistic

This eleven hour concert got everyone dancing and singing despite the heavy downpour of rain. Beer and whiskey, as always, were expensive at SGD4 a cup. It didn't bother us that much because music and alcohol go really well together.

expensive beer is expensive

plastic ponchos + rain = i look lulzy

My best friend Kin has a great set of Laneway Festival Singapore photos over at flickr. Do check them out.

Laneway Friends <3

Laneway, see you again in 2012! :D

Air Asia Zero Fare, perhaps?

Just saw an amazing teaser countdown at AirAsia's website.

Something big is set on February 22, 2011 and I'm really hoping for a zero fare promo! I NEED flights for Bangkok, Siem Reap, and Bali....and I need them cheap! I'm so excited!!!!

Notes from a new OFW in Singapore

Haven't been blogging much lately since I moved to Singapore.

Yep, I'm now SG-based, i.e. OFW. I went here with minimal amount of money, no laptop, no digicam, and a lot of courage. I now work at MYOB!assist as a Media Sales Executive and things are doing well so far. It's been a month since I've been here...I really miss my family, friends, workmates, blogger-friends, and mao mao :( Good thing I found a great new set of fellow Pinoys here who are as crazy as I am. Haha. Huge thanks to Jotz Lizardo etc. for taking care of me during my first week here!

Celebrating Pinoy Chinese New Year in Singapore

Minus the fact that I'm miles away from home and the ridiculous alcohol prices, I actually quite like it here in Singapore. I now live in a place that is just 30-40 minutes away from work by bus and within walking distance to a train station, a swimming complex, and a community gym. Woot, yeah.

my salvation

Also, the food here are just lovely.

rainy day bak kut teh lunch out with officemates

I really wish for things to turn out great. Please, Singapore, stay kind.


Ristras Mexican Grill for Delivery

The great thing about working at The Fort: availability of great restaurants. One of which is Ristras Mexican Grill.

Carlos, Hannah, Trixie and I (photo by SerialTripper.com)

I love how Ristras serves their food fast yet fresh. It's also interesting how you could come up with a variety of flavors for your burrito/enchilada/quesadilla/fajitas because you could choose your own meat, rice, beans, and salsa.


However, Ristras branches are only at The Fort and Greenhills---and these places are not very much accessible for someone residing in Manila or QC, i.e. me. Good thing Ristras is now available for delivery via 2121212 and we availed the service during my recent sleepover with friends.

Since I'll be leaving for Singapore very soon, I booked a room at Herald Suites Hotel Solana so my friends and I could drink, swim, and have a John Lloyd marathon. After swimming and lying around all afternoon, we just felt too lazy to go out for dinner. The hotel's room service menu didn't offer much so we had our food delivered instead.


Must Try: Bordeaux Premium French Wine Bar

Hey guys, I dined at Bordeaux Premium French Wine Bar and I enjoyed it.


Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay. That doesn't sound/feel right coming from someone who finds happiness in drinking beer along Khao San's backpacker/transvestite filled street and Sampaloc's jeje/agaw-cellphone filled neighborhood. But yes, yours truly went to a place that has:

1. A name which you must google to find the correct pronunciation: \bȯr-ˈdō\
2. The word Premium
3. The word French
4. The word Wine. My body and wine don't mix well (read: heartburn)

See, I only frequent places with "Bar" on its name like this, this, this, and many more. My drinking preference makes it quite unusual for me to be seen in a French Wine Bar. It's something I'd rather skip as I'm more into a casual laid-back atmosphere. But with my recent experience, I guess it's justifiable to make Bordeaux an exception.

Bread and olive oil dip were given as complimentary appetizers. Funny, the bars I normally visit have appetizers that come in form of colorful kropecks or roasted highland legumes, i.e. mani.

The Grilled Lettuce and Beef Salad (Php320) is an unusual yet pleasant dish. Unlike salads where greens are served fresh and crispy, this one had the veggies grilled and there's tiny chunks of beef on top. Don't forget to dip 'em lettuce and cherry tomatoes in the honey mustard balsamic vinegar dressing!

Beef Burgundy

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