Arnold's Chicken: The Best Fried Chicken in Singapore

I've been busy these days since I moved to Singapore so I haven't been updating this blog a lot. Things are doing fine here but I definitely miss my family, friends, and mamao. :( Good thing there's Skype to keep me sane!

Anyway, I've been reading several blog posts about Arnold's Chicken. Well-known Singaporean bloggers attest that Arnold's Chicken serves the best fried chicken in the country that is why I've been meaning to try it since January. The nearest branch to my place is at City Plaza Geylang Road so we went there after our church service today.

City Plaza Mall

The five of us each got an order of Half Spring Chicken Set (SGD5.90) which comes with fries and coleslaw. If you're not the veggie person type, you could have your greens replaced with mashed potato instead. Beverage prices are between SGD1.90 (cola, teh tarik, coffee) to SGD2.70 (bottled mineral water, meh).

Arnold's Half Spring Chicken Set

After several minutes of waiting (the place was fully packed, by the way), we were served five platefuls of  fried chicken. WOW. It was HUGE compared to Max's Half Spring Chicken. Another interesting fact, no utensils were provided (except a spoon for the coleslaw and gravy) because apparently, Arnold's customers devour their yummy poultry with bare hands. Cute. Except for the fact that it's piping hot lololol. Taste wise, the chicken is very juicy with the right mix of salt and spice. It's almost like Jollibee Chickenjoy but crispier!

Arnold's Chicken has three branches at City Plaza, Hougang Green Shopping Mall, and Pasir Ris Town Park. Visit their website at www.arnoldsfriedchicken.com for branch information and home delivery.
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