Quick Delivery: Va Bene Pasta Deli

For the longest time, our office pantry had an interesting magnetic menu on the fridge. I find it quite nifty since the restaurants are classified into cuisines, i.e. Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Filipino, American, and Chinese. Even better was the sole number that one should call in order to have something delivered: 2121212. I haven't tried Quick Delivery until recently when my bestfriend Cha visited me at work.

Cha Torres
hello interwebz, meet Cha

Okay. We really do TRY to stay away from carbs since we've been enrolled in dance/boxing classes for the past month. But we've got a really stressful week ahead and we deserve an excuse for a "free pass." Meh! I figured it would be a great choice to have Va Bene Pasta Deli (VB) Quick Delivered since the location is just near to our office. Also, I saw raves online about their freshly made pasta so it's reasonable to give it a try. After checking their online menu, I called around 6:15pm and placed an order for I Canneloni, Gnocchi, and Beef Lasagna. I was not put on hold (good) and the call lasted for just about 7 minutes (better--I don't like to telebabad). Delivery time would take about 50-60 minutes according to the 2121212 phone rep. Unfortunately, the kuya went to a different building so it took longer than usual (around 70 minutes?). He apologized profusely though (the rains were heavy too) so I let it pass.

Va Bene Pasta Deli

My order came in microwavable plastic containers—the ones that stores usually use for take-outs. But I was quite surprised that there were no QD stickers anywhere. Maybe they forgot to put it? Not really sure. But from a marketing perspective, I think it would be helpful to have stickers or even labeled plastic bags for deliveries.

Va Bene Pasta Deli
Fresh from delivery, woot!

Va Bene Quick Delivery
get ready for the battle!!!!

For appetizer, we had the Gnocci (Php280) which are potato dumplings in four cheese sauce. Funny, the smell reminded me of ginataang bilo-bilo. I like how the sauce compliments the softness of the potatoes. However, it's quite filling for a starter so you might want to go easy on this one.




Tequila Wednesdays at The Reserve Liquor Lounge

Single serving of the day!

Video above shows Cha, Kin, and I acting like kids (read: mababaw kaligayahan) and feeling so fly (like a G6) with our Jose Cuervo shot glass spinner. This was from last night's Kindred Pasana over-due birthday inuman. Buy one Free one for every bottle of Cuervo, only on Wednesdays at The Reserve!

Joey Pepperoni Pizza Pizza Promo

Next to candy, my favorite "pulutan" would be......

Pizza and Rhum, how classy

However, pizza-for-pulutan could seem pricey especially if you're in a large group. Yung tipong, pag-lapag pa lang ng box, ubos na agad? Bad vibes mehn.  Might as well stick to a cheaper alternative.

makulay ang buhay with kropek

Now, if you really want to satisfy your pizza craving/desire/obsession, I suggest to give Joey Pepperoni a try. They have this verrrrrrrry nice Pizza! Pizza! promo at Php199 for two 8-inch pizzas. It's a nice steal considering you'll be eating something that was actually prepared by an Italian chef. 

Chef Giorgio Bucciarelli, head chef of Joey Pepperoni

I know that Joey Pepperoni is very active with promos. I remember they used to have an all you can eat pizza promo, then followed by an all you can eat pasta. They have several branches around the metro, some of which serves.....BEER. YEY! Nothing beats pizza and beer (and rhum!)!!! The set meals are nice too..it's actually the first dish I ordered in Joey Pep several years ago

2008 at Joey Pep ABSCBN branch (closed already)

I look like a monstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar. ^_^ But but but..the mozarella sticks are yummy :( And I wish they didn't close down the ABSCBN branch because it was nice and had nice couches.

To know more about Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria, check out www.joeypep.com

Deftones Live in Manila Ticket Prices

Deftones' website just announced that they will also visit Manila for a concert!

The event is scheduled on February 12, 2011 (yep, the day after Taylor Swift Concert. meh) and tickets will go on sale beginning December 1. I'll post the ticket prices once they are up!


Laneway Festival Singapore Tickets & Lineup




St.Jerome Laneway Festival will kick off in Singapore on January 29, 2011 with performances by Foals, The Temper Trap, Beach House, Deerhunter, Yeasayer, !!!(Chk Chk Chk), Holy F*** Ladyhawke, and Warpaint.

According to the official site, festival tickets are priced at $99.50 (Early Bird Rate) and $109.50 (Regular Rate), exclusive of $3 Sistic booking fee. Ticket selling starts on November 19, 2010.

This will be my birthday trip <3


Boxing and Hiphop Classes at Planet Jupiter

Active lifestyle to compensate for a not-so-active love life.


lulzing around after my hiphop class

Planet Jupiter Dance Studio

Cha and I are already on our 2nd week at Planet Jupiter. NAKS. K, so we are now obliged to report for work earlier (read: 8:30am) so we could join the 6pm sessions. I got the 1-month unlimited dance classes but I'll be giving boxing a try! Just bought my own gloves (thanks, Everlast sale!) and handwrap to prepare for this boxing lulz. I need a Gi too because I'll do BJJ next year. Ha!


Georgina Wilson 2011 Calendar by Ayla Bags

Look what I found in the facebookses......

Georgina Wilson : Calendar Girrrrrrl

2011 would be very beautiful if I have an Ayla Bagys Georgina Wilson desk calendar.

Now, who will buy a bag from SM Department Store soon? I CALL DIBS ON THE CALENDAR!!!

Please? :(


Air Asia Zero Fare 2011

It's back! Air Asia will have a Zero Fare seat sale on November 9, 2010 at exactly 12:01am. Travel period: July 1 to November 10, 2011.

Air Asia Zero Fare for 2011 flights!

Note that fares are exclusive of taxes and other applicable fees for credit card/online transactions. Last year, I was able to book a roundtrip Clark to Kota Kinabalu flight for only Php500. I hope the taxes are still cheap for next week's promo flights!

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