Joey Pepperoni Pizza Pizza Promo

Next to candy, my favorite "pulutan" would be......

Pizza and Rhum, how classy

However, pizza-for-pulutan could seem pricey especially if you're in a large group. Yung tipong, pag-lapag pa lang ng box, ubos na agad? Bad vibes mehn.  Might as well stick to a cheaper alternative.

makulay ang buhay with kropek

Now, if you really want to satisfy your pizza craving/desire/obsession, I suggest to give Joey Pepperoni a try. They have this verrrrrrrry nice Pizza! Pizza! promo at Php199 for two 8-inch pizzas. It's a nice steal considering you'll be eating something that was actually prepared by an Italian chef. 

Chef Giorgio Bucciarelli, head chef of Joey Pepperoni

I know that Joey Pepperoni is very active with promos. I remember they used to have an all you can eat pizza promo, then followed by an all you can eat pasta. They have several branches around the metro, some of which serves.....BEER. YEY! Nothing beats pizza and beer (and rhum!)!!! The set meals are nice too..it's actually the first dish I ordered in Joey Pep several years ago

2008 at Joey Pep ABSCBN branch (closed already)

I look like a monstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar. ^_^ But but but..the mozarella sticks are yummy :( And I wish they didn't close down the ABSCBN branch because it was nice and had nice couches.

To know more about Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria, check out www.joeypep.com
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