So I've been talking about Myanmar in my previous posts but it turns out, I won't be going anyway for various reasons.

Ditched my Burma flight tickets and bought a roundtrip ticket to Manila because it seems more...right. Everything's great here in Singapore but my heart will always be in the Philippines. It's been 2 years since I last stayed in Manila for more than 3 days so I'm not really sure how my upcoming homecoming schedule would be. Less hectic perhaps, but definitely a lot of drunken nights.

True and everlasting didn't last long
We're the lonesome, we're the lonesome, yeah


I'm Going to Korea!

...alone, for about 48 hours. Ha!

I struck a good deal on flights so I booked it because what the heck Winter Sonata. I also changed my original 4d4n itinerary to 2d2n because I don't think I could go straight from a long flight to my office without feeling like crap. And I also might get bored if I stay for too long which is exactly what happened to me in Barcelona.


My trip's on February so I assume it would be a butt-clenching weather but not as much snow as February in Hokkaido. Need to do some research on places to go and eat around Seoul so I could get the most of my short yet sweet trip. Would love suggestions from anyone so please hit the comments if you have one!



Advanced Birthday Gift--Phoenix Live in SG!

I got my Phoenix Live in SG! tickets via Sistic this morning which is kind of annoying since the system crashed when I was about to pay for my very very very nice seats. Oh well, still managed to get a relatively OK seat so that's okay.

Oh, and the concert will fall on my birthday. How amazing is that?

Can't wait for 01.15.14!


October Midnight Express to MNL

Returned to Manila over the weekend because OFW. *squeee*

Had family lunch at Yabu which I think is overrated (had better ones at Tokyo). Went to UAAP UST vs DLSU Game 2 aftewards in which my school lost, of course.

Adored Jeric Teng from up here

The game's outcome demanded for more meat so we drove to good old Banawe and had Tasty Dumplings' famous porkchop rice.

So much win for Php115

Post-dinner was the obligatory 9-hour whiskey session which ended at 5am.

1 of 2.5 bottles

Manila trip wouldn't be complete without these ladies!

I'll be home for Christmas but before that would be Myanmar (provided I'll be granted a visa) and DWP13 Jakarta-KL with the usual suspects.
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