Do Drink and Dine at Velocity Bar Manila

I have joined [and won] a handful of drinking contest since my first introduction to beer---the honey colored liquid bread from heaven. My recent win was a Php500 voucher for Marriot Hotel Manila. Hands-down, mug-down, the winner was *cough* yours truly. *clap clap clap*

Even Georgina Wilson cheers me on

Okaaaaaaaaay, this is not a Georgina Wilson post. Rather, I would like to share with you (yes you, my sole reader from Uzbekiztan) this fancy place called Velocity Bar.

I'm Ms.Fancy Pants now!

 @ the Velocity Bar Bloggers Night

Velocity Bar, located at the ground floor of Marriot Hotel Manila (across NAIA Terminal 3), is the country's first and only 5-star sports and entertainment bar. Lord Google even informed me that this bar is actually a replica of Velocity Bar Hong Kong! That deserves a million like like like like like!

Epic lighting, zomg 5-STAR!

The place is not solely for sports enthusiast as you could also spend a relaxing night here, either alone or with friends. Also, unlike other similar establishments cramped with people, Velocity is quite spacious so it could serve as an ideal venue for casual meetings or small private parties.

I want a room with a bar. Seriously.

Aside from the incredibly amazing modern interiors, Velocity also boasts its wide-range of food and BEVERAGE menu. I put emphasis on the word BEVERAGE because the first thing I ordered when I arrived was a glass of Martini. And, gardemmit, their Martinis are made with premium dry gin...

Not just one row of Bombay Sapphire...

...but a whole case! And it sparkles! Like Edward Cullen!!!!

The bar also offers on-tap local draft beers (Php175 for 450ml, Php200 for 540ml) and bottled local brews such as San Miguel Light, San Miguel Pale Ale, San Miguel Super Dry, San Miguel Cerveza Negra, and San Miguel Premium Malt (Php175/bottle). TIP: If you're going for the bottled ones, I strongly suggest San Miguel Premium Malt as its SRP is Php60, while the San Miguel Ale are just sold for around Php30 a bottle. There's more value for your money if you order the former.

If you want 5-star experience on a tight budget, try visiting Velocity during happy hour to get selected beverages (local draft beer, house wine, soda and pouring spirits) at 50% off! That's from Tuesdays to Sundays, 6pm to 8pm. Hey, Php100 Beer at a fancy place like this is already a good deal! I guess my friends and I would have to try it one of these days. We're plain suckers for happy hours. Meh.

The tap brew is served on this crazy HUGE heavy glass

San Miguel, my favorite saint

Eastwood City to host a grand Easter fair on April4

This April 4, 2010 have a fun journey to new worlds as Eastwood City brings you Easter Wonderland 2010.

An Easter parade will kick-off the whole day event at 2:45 pm. This colorful parade will be participated bycostume contest participants, mascots, My Talent dancers, cosplayers, bikers from Flipbykes, and advocates of the Homeless World Cup Philippine Team. To follow are other exciting Easter activities such as egg hunting, acrobatic performances, donut making workshop, and special egg painting session with Master Fernando Sena. In addition, Seven Worlds of Play and Imagination will be spread out in the entire Eastwood City commercial development, each one with a unique and interesting theme which kids can choose from.

click image to view Easter Wonderland 2010 Map and Schedule

Wonderland Passports will be sold at Php500 per, inclusive of loot bags, one-time access to near 50 booths, activities and rides, plus a chance to win prizes at the Easter Wonderland Raffle. Part of this Easter festivity proceeds will be donated to Urban Opportunities for Change Foundation (UOCF), a non profit organization that champions the Homeless World Cup Philippine Team, who will be competing in the Homeless World Cup to be held in Brazil on September.

For inquiries, contact Eastwood City at 709-0888 or 709-9888 or visit www.eastwoodcity.com.


Earth Hour + Some Basic Energy Saving Tips

Earthmate EP2352AK 23-Watt Super Mini-Spiral CFL 2700K Bulb, 6 PackMillion of homes and business worldwide has recently turned off their lights in participation of the annual Earth Hour. According to Earth Hour’s official site, some 611 megawatt-hours of electricity was saved in last year’s event--equivalent to shutting down a dozen coal-fired power plants for an hour. I don’t have the current numbers yet for this year’s event, but I do hope that last year’s global record was surpassed. I appreciate everyone’s efforts during this yearly event as it takes a lot of preparation, convincing even, to have million of individuals participate in this energy-conserving move. But then, who would need an annual event when you (yes you!) could take part in Energy saving everyday?


Top pinoy band Urbandub celebrates 10th year with an Online Concert

Urbandub, my favorite Pinoy band, recently held a shoot for their upcoming online concert c/o Pelicola.Tv. Don't know yet the details of the concert, i.e. ticket prices, schedule, etc.

For now, here's a sneak preview:


Thanks to Coy of Globe and Koi of Sonic Boom Philippines for the invite.


UPDATE: John Mayer Live in Manila

Watch John Mayer Live in Manila on May 16, 2010 at SM MOA Concert Grounds. Check Ticket Prices and Official Concert Floor Plan now.


Updated list of Globe UnliMail compatible phones

Here's an updated latest list of mobile handsets compatible with Globe Tattoo UnliMail service. The free trial run is until March 31 so if you're phone is on the list, I suggest you download the application nao! I just did and it's so cool, I feel like I have a BB!!!! :)

Get Globe UnliMAIL for FREE by texting UNLIMAIL to 8888 or visit http://wap.portal.globe.com.ph/unlimail on your mobile browser.

Java Handsets as of March 2010

Nokia 2700 classic
Nokia 2730 classic
Nokia 3120 classic
Nokia 3208 classic
Nokia 3600 slide
Nokia 5000
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
Nokia 5220 XpressMusic
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic
Nokia 6208 classic
Nokia 6212 classic
Nokia 6280
Nokia 6300
Nokia 6300i
Nokia 6301
Nokia 6500 slide
Nokia 6500 classic
Nokia 6600 fold
Nokia 6600 slide
Nokia 6600i slide
Nokia 7100 Supernova
Nokia 7310 Supernova
Nokia 7310 Supernova
Nokia 7373
Nokia 7390
Nokia 7900 Prism
Nokia 8800 Arte
Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte
Nokia 8800 Gold Arte

Team Manila Gives Free Shipping to Customers

Team Manila Lifestyle will provide Free Shipping Nationwide when you purchase three (3) t-shirts from their online shop, http://www.teammanilalifestyle.com/shop/

Offer valid until March 19 to 31, 2010.



Oh hai thurr

Pls pls pls pls plsz?


Cantonese Soup Kitchen at Banawe

Banawe, QC is not only a place for car afficionados, it's also a place for foodies. Razon's, Mr.Poon, Chinatown's Best, Le Ching, Tramway, Savory, and Causeway are just some familiar names you'll see along the stretch of this well-known street. Then, one day:

"Hello fellow bloggers, See you tomorrow at 7pm for the food event. Venue: The Cantonese Soup Kitchen (although the signage says Canton Soup Kitchen) Unit C-847 Banawe cor. Linaw St., Quezon City. The restaurant is located right beside Figaro."


I'm a frequent customer of the the place across Figaro (Slice 'N Dice, not the other one, you naughty naughty you) but I've never seen Canton Soup Kitchen. I didn't want to google so I wrote down the address on a piece of paper (because I'm old school like that) and made my way to the venue with a huge heavy bag filled with flashlights (don't ask).

The restaurant, which was quite small, was filled with customers when I arrived. I proceeded to the 2nd floor where Rowena (thanks for the invite, btw) welcomed me with a smile. She then said, "order ka na ng soup kasi it's good for one only." I was handed the menu and was surprised, curious even, with the different varieties of Chinese Herbal Soup being offered.

The caption reads: "Chinese Herbal Soups Menu is a most natural dietary way to good health. Adding Chinese Herbs to soups is a long tradition and a distinctive feature of Cantonese Cuisine. Chinese herbs have very well-known curative functions for the human body. And one of the mose common way to use Chinese herbs is to brew them together with meats over slow fire for 2 to 3 hours, releasing all the essences and nutrients of the ingredients into the soup - which the body can absorb and assimilate quickly without having to digest and breakdown the meats and herbs. This is the most ideal and natural way to obtain loads of nutrients minus the calories."

I was quite hesitant to order anything from the list because I don't want to eat anything with herbs. We have chinese tea at home and I don't drink it because of the taste. Don't like. :( But I decided to give CSK a try so I ordered the Cogon Grass with Spareribs Soup (Php170).

served on a tall slim bowl, filled to the rim

It's description on the menu says: This soup is concocted to act on the heart, lung, stomach, and urinary bladder channels and acts on the Qi in the lung and the stomach. This herbal soup is recommended by traditional Chinese doctors to help heal nose blead and alleviate pain in urination.
The urinary bladder part got my attention because I have annoying UTI problems. The Qi part I didn't understand at all. The nosebleed part made me lol.

cogon grass with a hefty portion of meat

you need not eat the meat nor the grass, just finish the soup because all the nutrients are there, k?


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Reverting to blogger comments now. I hope this works. gah.

Free seats from Philippine Airlines!

In line with their 70th Anniversary, Philippine Airlines (PAL) is offering a special promo for passengers turning 70 within the  period of Mar 15 to April 15, 2010.
Terms and conditions are as follows:

  • A person who will be celebrating his or her 70th birthday within the period 15March 2010 to 15April 2010 will be entitled to get an FOC ticket on any domestic sector flown by Philippine Airlines, provided he or she travels with a companion who will purchase a revenue ticket with the same routing and same class of service as the FOC ticket on any booking class except fare basis OAN/PAN. Both passengers should travel together on all sectors of the ticket 
  • The FOC ticket may be claimed at any PAL ticket office with the presentation of a proof of age and birthday. Claiming of the FOC ticket will be from March 15 to April 15, 2010 and travel period will be from May 15, 2010 to August 31, 2010

  • The FOC ticket and the revenue ticket should be purchased at the same time and should be on closed booking basis. Purchase can only be done through any PAL ticket office
  • The FOC ticket and the revenue ticket may be rebooked provided that they will still travel together. The following service fees apply :
    • Rebooking fee PHP 600 / sector
    • Reissue fee PHP 600 / transaction
    • No Show Surcharge PHP 600 / sector
    • Refund Service fee PHP 600 / transaction 
  • Claiming of FOC and purchase of ticket of travelling companion is available only at PAL Ticket offices.
Call PAL reservations office at (632) 855-8888 or visit any PAL ticket office. You may also visit www.philippineairlines.com for more info.


Russian Film Festival 2010 Screening Schedule

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of the Philippines on June 2, 2011, a festival of Russian films will be presented at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) on March 16-20, 2010 and Onstage, Ayala Center, Cebu City on March 26-27, 2010. A photo exhibit will also be mounted for the duration of the festival to commemorate Soviet Union's victory in World War II.

The event is a presentation of Mosfilm Studios, Russia’s biggest filmmaker, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Film Development Council of the Philippines, the CCP and the Philippines-Russia Friendship Society.   Five classical and contemporary films produced by Mosfilm will be screened: Ward No. 6, Vanished Empire, The Star, Mirror, Agony.

Russian Film Festival 2010 Screening Schedule - Cultural Center of the Philippines (FREE ADMISSION)

March 16 (Tue) 07:30PM, CCP Little Theatre - Ward No.6
March 17 (Wed) 04:00PM, CCP Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theatre) - Vanished Empire
March 17 (Wed) 07:00PM, CCP Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theatre) - The Star
March 18 (Thu) 04:00PM, CCP Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theatre) - The Mirror
March 18 (Thu) 07:00PM, CCP Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theatre) - Agony
March 19 (Fri) 07:00PM, CCP Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theatre) - Vanished Empire
March 19 (Fri) 04:00PM, CCP Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theatre) - Ward No.6
March 20 (Sat) 04:00PM, CCP Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theatre) - Agony
March 20 (Sat) 07:00PM, CCP Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theatre) - The Mirror

All screenings are free on a first-come, first served basis. Kindly note that the CCP Dream Theatre has a limited seating capacity of 100 only. could only accommodate 100 pax. For more information, kindly call the CCP Media Arts division at 832-1125 local 1704 and 1705.

UPDATE: Cebu Pacific Seat Sale List for 2010

Roxas and Malaysia Seat Sale

Manila to Roxas for Php688

Manila to Kota Kinabalu for Php 1,099

Manila to Kuala Lumpur for Php 1,999

Continue >>


Paramore Manila VIP tickets

Please wait for further updates.

Thank you.

Paramore, Manila, 2010


Paramore Live in Manila concert photos

For those who care, here are some photos I took at Paramore's Manila concert. Since DSLRs were not allowed in the venue, I used a Canon Powershot G11 to take shots. Thanks again to Little Asia Restaurant (Morato/Greenhills/McKinley Hills) for the passes.

 from Little Asia Restaurant <3

To plz credit this site if you will use a photo? Thank jooooo :) Complete high-res set will also be uploaded on Flickr.

Burger King Philippines Now Serving Beer

The awesome Burger King just got more awesome.

Earlier, I was on my way to pick up my Paramore VIP tickets from Little Asia (i had to plug, baket ba) when I noticed a huge huge sign that made me *literally* go YEEEEY!!! on the lovely side streets of Welcome Rotonda, QC.

In front of me was billboard heaven (not Georgina Wilson. that would be another story)

Burger King Philippines is now serving Beer!
Burger King Philippines is now serving Beer!
Burger King Philippines is now serving Beer!
Burger King Philippines is now serving Beer!
Burger King Philippines is now serving Beer!

Yezzir! Filipinos may now have San Miguel Light, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Coors (meh), Coors Light (meh x 1million) at selected Burger King branches: E.Rodriguez, Welcome Rotonda, Timog, Calamba, Marcos Highway, Shell NLT.

 The welcoming sign at Burger King Welcome Rotonda

This is just like drinking/eating at Chili's or Friday's minus the part where we have to pay a lot of money for burger and fries and beer!!!!!!!! Yuh.

I soooooo want Pale Pilsen with jalapeƱo burger, onion rings, and free wifi plsz. Have to check though how much per can costs. Also, I should make a sign for this!

replace with: now serving beer now. right now we're serving beer now.

And no, you naughty naughty high school boy, they won't give you beer unless you show proof that you are 18 y/o up. So take this Hi-C apple and play dota somewhere. IMBA!!!

Does this mean we'll have our own version of Burger King Whopper Bar like what they have in Miami? Thank joooooooo BK!!!!

Ristorante Bigoli says Grazie!

"Grazie!" exclaims a Ristorante Bigoli staff whenever a satisfied customer presses the smiley button.

Recently opened at The Annex SM City North Edsa, Ristorante Bigoli offers a variety of Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, and gelatos.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be welcomed with warm yellow lights and colorful wall design that give a homey feel to the place.

The manager, Alexis, guided us through the different dishes they had to offer. We started with the basics: Spaghetti Bolognese (Php80 / Php115), Fettuccine Carbonara (Php100 / Php140), and Spaghetti Al Pesto (Php90 / Php130). You may choose from Solo or Grande, depending on your appetite.


I love garlic breadsticks! It's nice that Bigoli offers FREE refills for every pasta order. :) However, I wasn't too impressed with these three pastas. It was too....basic. Also, I've been to several pasta restaurants such as Amici, TOSH, Italliani's, and Belinnis and I love that they have parmesan cheese and/or spiced olive oil to compliment their dishes. Too bad Bigoli didn't provide us with any. :( But, hey, they just opened so I believe there's still room for improvement!

We also tried two of their special pasta offerings: Meltique Beef Pasta Bigoli (Php125) and Lasagna (Php180)

According to Alexis, the Meltique Beef Pasta is their newest addition to the menu and has proved quite popular among their customers. The dish is made with handmade tube pasta (looks almost like Lomi to me) with red sauce and topped with tender beef slices. Bell peppers are also added to give a bit of spice to the creation.


UPDATE: Cebu Pacific Seat Sale List for 2010

China, Taipei, and Mindanao Seat Sale

Manila to Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato, Davao, Dipolog, General Santos, Ozamiz or Zamboanga or Pagadian for Php888

Manila to Taipei for Php 888

Manila to Guangzhou for Php 988

Manila to Shanghai for Php 1,888

Continue >>

SM San Lazaro Food Tasting Event

I used to visit SM San Lazaro a lot. I'm cool like that.

 Tayuman, reprezent!

Travel time from UST to Tayuman would only take 10-15 minutes. That gave us a valid excuse to have lunch, watch a movie, or play arcade games at the mall. During class hours. Hyuk hyuk. I remember Pao-Tsin being our favorite place since a dumpling meal only costs Php39. AMTHATCHEAPYES. I need my Php150 daily allowance allocated equally between transpo, food, and beer. Uhmkay?

Anyway, they recently held their first food tasting event for bloggers. <3 Oh yey Paotsin so I went there to join in on the fun!



Around 10 people attended but the food served was intended for 20 pax. No Pao Tsin, though. We had Master Siomai instead which is just as yummeh.

 Japanese Siomai and Beef Dumplings

Different varieties of dishes were served during the afternoon activity. Binalot, Inihaw Express, Lydia's Lechon, Lotsa Pizza, Tuck's Shawarma, and Kuya's Lumpiang Sariwa were generous enough to let us sample their best items! Thank joooooo for making me fat yet again! :D


Lotsa Pizza are packed with Kraft Cheese, Purefoods Meat, and Del Monte Sauce!


Watch Live! Pacquiao vs. Clottey!

Watch Live! Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey on March 13, 2010 at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas. 

Ticket prices range from USD44 to USD2,781.00 each. For complete pricelist and available seats, visit Ticketnetwork.com.

Here is the Pacquiao-Clottey Boxing Match Section Seating (click to zoom)

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