SM San Lazaro Food Tasting Event

I used to visit SM San Lazaro a lot. I'm cool like that.

 Tayuman, reprezent!

Travel time from UST to Tayuman would only take 10-15 minutes. That gave us a valid excuse to have lunch, watch a movie, or play arcade games at the mall. During class hours. Hyuk hyuk. I remember Pao-Tsin being our favorite place since a dumpling meal only costs Php39. AMTHATCHEAPYES. I need my Php150 daily allowance allocated equally between transpo, food, and beer. Uhmkay?

Anyway, they recently held their first food tasting event for bloggers. <3 Oh yey Paotsin so I went there to join in on the fun!



Around 10 people attended but the food served was intended for 20 pax. No Pao Tsin, though. We had Master Siomai instead which is just as yummeh.

 Japanese Siomai and Beef Dumplings

Different varieties of dishes were served during the afternoon activity. Binalot, Inihaw Express, Lydia's Lechon, Lotsa Pizza, Tuck's Shawarma, and Kuya's Lumpiang Sariwa were generous enough to let us sample their best items! Thank joooooo for making me fat yet again! :D


Lotsa Pizza are packed with Kraft Cheese, Purefoods Meat, and Del Monte Sauce!

Lydia's Lechon Paella. Need I say more?

Variety of grilled set dishes from Inihaw Express. Prices range from Php238 to Php308, good for 3-4 pax :)

Pair your grilled meat and seafood with spicy laing from Inihaw Express

Turk's Shawarma always has a long line of customers. Maybe because their menu prices range from Php35 to Php70. Elsewhere, a regular shawarma would cost at least Php50.


Kuya's Special Lumpiang Sariwa was the first item I tried as I want to eat something light and *healthy* I love the hefty fillings and the crunchy lettuce. However, I find the peanut sauce too "artificial." Too much gaw-gaw, I think. It's not what I'm used to.

By the way, they had a raffle and I won.

I won a box of Lotsa Pizza! LOL.


While JayL won a case of Coca-Cola 1.5L pet bottles. That's, like, 12 bottles.


Thank you so much SM for a food-filled afternoon!

SM City San Lazaro Foodcourt is located at the Lower Level of SM City San Lazaro, Felix Huertas Street corner A.H. Lacson Extension, Sta. Cruz, Manila. For more info on SM City Malls, visit their website at www.smprime.com 

Oh, and you know what I did with the pizza?

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