Ristorante Bigoli says Grazie!

"Grazie!" exclaims a Ristorante Bigoli staff whenever a satisfied customer presses the smiley button.

Recently opened at The Annex SM City North Edsa, Ristorante Bigoli offers a variety of Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, and gelatos.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be welcomed with warm yellow lights and colorful wall design that give a homey feel to the place.

The manager, Alexis, guided us through the different dishes they had to offer. We started with the basics: Spaghetti Bolognese (Php80 / Php115), Fettuccine Carbonara (Php100 / Php140), and Spaghetti Al Pesto (Php90 / Php130). You may choose from Solo or Grande, depending on your appetite.


I love garlic breadsticks! It's nice that Bigoli offers FREE refills for every pasta order. :) However, I wasn't too impressed with these three pastas. It was too....basic. Also, I've been to several pasta restaurants such as Amici, TOSH, Italliani's, and Belinnis and I love that they have parmesan cheese and/or spiced olive oil to compliment their dishes. Too bad Bigoli didn't provide us with any. :( But, hey, they just opened so I believe there's still room for improvement!

We also tried two of their special pasta offerings: Meltique Beef Pasta Bigoli (Php125) and Lasagna (Php180)

According to Alexis, the Meltique Beef Pasta is their newest addition to the menu and has proved quite popular among their customers. The dish is made with handmade tube pasta (looks almost like Lomi to me) with red sauce and topped with tender beef slices. Bell peppers are also added to give a bit of spice to the creation.

The lasagna is already good for two (2) pax. However, I find Php180 too expensive. Maybe more cheese and beef would help?

A visit to an italian-inspired restaurant would not be complete without ordering a pizza. So we tried the Pepperoni Classico (Php570) and the 14" thin crust reminded me of YC. It's that oily. Mehe.

the bloggers, the food, the camera

What's great about their pizza is that you can order it either by slice or whole. Foodies on a tight budget could just go with the single slice. Anyway, aside from the pepperoni, they also have Cheese Overload (Php65 / Php490), White Pizza Bacon (Php75 / Php570), All Meat (Php80 / Php 610), Shrimp Bianca Pizza (Php85 / Php660), Bigoli's Supremo (Php90 / Php690) and Quattro Gusto--4 toppings of your choice in a whole pizza (Php610)

After the carbo-overload came the day's note-worthy dishes: Italian Chicken and Stromboli.

The fried and juicy chicken are coated with a special sweet-spicy sauce that partners well with pasta or rice. Order the Italian Chicken for Php234 (4pcs), Php345 (6pcs), and Php500 (10pcs.)

Stromboli is a type of turnover filled with various cheeses, Italian meats or vegetables (thanks wikipedia for the info!). One may describe it as rolled pizza or cinnamon with beef and cheese. I'll go for the latter for the lulzies. Choose from Beef or Bacon, both are priced at Php120 anyway with around 8pcs per plate.

For dessert, we had Turtle Cheesecake (Php80), Tre Latte (Php55), Bigoli's Tiramisu (Php55), and Gelato (Php50). I highly recommend the Doppio Ciocollato--chocolate-flavored gelato with bits of dark chocolate. It didn't taste artificial (unlike the Pistaccio) and the dark choco bits are just yummeh! Not bad for 50 bucks!

Other gelato flavors: Cappucino, Fragola (L, photo), Vaniglia, and Pistaccio (R, photo).

I think much improvement is needed with Bigoli's desserts, particularly the plate presentation. For me, desserts should ALWAYS look appetizing as it is served at the end of a meal (when I'm already full and i won't eat no more). Desserts are meant to make us really fat to be the perfect ending to a wonderful dining experience so it would be a plus plus plus if they look so good.

I mean, who wouldn't want a cake that looks like John Lloyd, right?

Turtle Cheesecake


Tre Latte

Oh, the drinks are refillable as well! Self-service, like Fazoli's. I wonder if they came from the same company. Hmmm...

choose your poison

That's it gaiz! Now excuse me as I buy myself a Johnlloyded ensaymada.


Ristorante Bigoli is located at the 2nd Level, The Annex SM City North Edsa.
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