Studio Planet Jupiter Dance Classes

In preparation for my SG-KL-BKK trip, I'll be dedicating November 2010 for dance lessons.

I badly need to shed off some a lot of weight caused by excessive drinking, emotional eating, blog events, and bumming around. Meh. Lord Google led me to studio along Jupiter Street Makati that offers dance workshops for Php1,800 a month. The fee includes enrollment in all classes: basic/intermediate/master hiphop, jazz basic, and jazz funk. Grabe lang, ang mura! I just don't like the schedule though..it starts really really early, which means I have to be at work earlier so I could take the classes I want.

- Beginners class Monday,Wednesday, Friday 6pm-7pm
- Beginners-intermediate class Tuesday 5.30pm-6.30pm and Saturday 4pm-5pm
- Masterclass Saturday 5pm-6pm

- Tuesday 6.30pm-8pm

- Friday 7pm-8.30pm, Saturday 6pm-7.30pm

Aside from dance, Planet Jupiter also offers boxing and martial arts classes. The good news is, I could take a boxing class for only Php100/session since I'll be enrolling in a one-month dance program (note to self: print photos of frenemies so I could punch their faces while training).

- Daily, 7am onwards

- Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8pm-10pm

- Friday 8pm-10pm
- Saturday 9am-11am
- Sunday 7.30am-9.30am (special class)

Cha, Jackie, and I will start classes on Tuesday. I NEED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Amazing Race Asia 4 Pilipinas

I want to join The Amazing Race if only I:

1. Could drive
2. Can run fast(er)
3. Have a sexy nice(r) body

Jess / Lani. Damn, girl.

Until then, I'll just stick to something I'm very very good at.


And then take photos with the people who are lucky enough to join the race.

Richard Herrera, Richard Harden, and Lara Pillinger

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 premiered last September and it's now down to it's last few episodes. And, yey, both Philippine teams are still on the race. So make sure to catch Richard & Richard plus Jess & Lani every Thursdays, 9pm at AXN. Videos and other cool downloadable stuff may be accessed at www.axn-asia.com/tara

Filipino bloggers with Amazing Race Asia Philippine Team

Thanks Abet and Azrael for the photos! :D


Celebrating 10-10-10

XXX: October 10, 2010

After several plans (out of town, beach, hotel overnight) we ended up doing what we do best. Drink until the wee hours of morning. This year's venue were Big Sky Mind in QC and The Reserve Liquor Lounge at City Golf Julia Vargas.


We tried the Cobra Shot and it waaaaaaaaaaaaas 

Hello there freaky guy at The Reserve

Speaking of The Reserve, they are celebrating their First Year Anniversary / Halloween Party this week, October 27-29, 2010. Different themes/sponsors/stuff per night for all the guests! They play Miley and Bieber, btw. :)


Urbandub 10 Years of Influence

From The Fort to C-5 to getting lost in Pasig to Greenhills....October 22, 2010 is now one of the memorable nights of my life. *naks, charot* Cha and I managed to make it in Greenhills *almost* at 8pm. But, lol, concerts here never start on time. It took around 2 hours later before the show finally started. Good thing Music Museum is a place where you could drink beer (PHP80 WTF)while watching concerts. Aaaaah, I imagine people gulping down San Mig Pale Pilsens while watching Janno Gibbs live. Steady.

Alak pa

Ako at si Kin Pasana at si Cha Torres na nakatalikod

The concert began with a docu/interview where people say how much they love Urbandub blah blah blah. Parang yung mga pinapakita sa ASAP kapag birthday specials. Okay naman, Kamikazee was goofing around like lolers. Hihi. By the way, we were seated at the Orchestra section, leftmost, front row. Good thing me and/or my red horse beer didn't fall on a random unsuspecting Php900 ticket-holder. Tumutrobol omg.

Gabby's parents and girlfriend are in the front row awww

Oh, Kin has a new cam--Canon Powershot S95. Grabe lang. I want one now too! Here's a video she took using her new toy

Endless, A Silent Whisper

I can't remember the exact set list but they played most of my favorites--No Ordinary Love, Soul Searching, Gone, New Tattoo, Cebuana, Quiet Poetic, and Sailing which was their last "more!!!!" song. To complete the night, we had a Behrouz after-concert nom.



Canon Photomarathon 2010 Philippines Registration

Ready your cameras (and your fast internet connections) on Monday, October 25 2010! The online registration for Canon Photomarathon Philippines 2010 will start at exactly 1:30pm. From experience, the slots get easily filled up and the site even crashes at some point (think Cebu Pacific promo fares) because every shutterbugs want to be included in this fun event!

Things you should know about the Canon Photomarathon Philippines 2010:

1. It will happen on November 6, 2010. The base center will be at SMX Convention Center, SM Central Business Park, Pasay City
2. Successful registrants must be at the SMX at 6:30am. It will be a whole day event, ending around 11:00pm.
3. Like last year's competition, there will be a DSLR AND Digicam category. Only Canon users may register for the event
4. REGISTRATION IS FREE. Heck, EVERYTHING IS ACTUALLY FREE--food, participant kit, venue. Woot! There will even be games and raffles at night. Last year, the photomarathon event was held at Tagaytay Convention Center and Canon Philippines even provided several tourist buses for the participants to use. Awwww, thanks Canon Marketing Phils. Inc.!!!

Big prizes are up for grabs! See the winning photos of Canon Photomarathon Philippines 2009 here.

To register for the 2010 marathon, visit www.canon.com.ph/photomarathon2010. The registration link will go online at exactly 1:30pm!

Youngest participant at the Canon Photomarathon Philippines 2009

Good luck !



Urbandub Major Concert Set List

4 days to go before the much-awaited Urbandub Major Concert at Music Museum! Am so so so so excited, we got tickets already!


I've been a dub fan since 2002 kaya naman sobrang kilig na kilig ako with the idea of the concert. Hihi. <3 We didn't get the VIP tickets na...we already had our VIP moment during the Pelicola.tv / Globe Tattoo Alive Out There live shoot. I hope the set list this time will be *a little* different. More songs from the older albums please!!!!

Here's my dream set list for the concert (in no particular order):

1. No Ordinary Love
2. Cebuana
3. Sailing
4. Two Things
5. Fallen on Deaf Ears
6. First of Summer
7. Endless, A Silent Whisper
8. An Invitation
9. Inside the Mind of a Killer
10. The Fight is Over
11. Versus
12. Give
13. Soul Searching
14. Lover Among Ruins

No track from Apparition, sry. Not really a fan of that album :( Just the same, my friends and I will definitely sing/jump/dance our hearts out on Friday.

What's your set list? :)

Los Balcones Tali Beach Batangas

2 days. 20k worth of groceries/drinks. 20 alcohol/vacation thirsty individuals.


Los Balcones

Thanks to Lee of Tropang Lefty (friends from UST College of Commerce, yiii) for organizing a Los Balcones weekend. Next time ulit, haha! :)

Lee with the ladies of Los Balcones

About Los Balcones

I recommend this place for families/friends/companies looking for a private getaway. It's very accessible, being 2-hours away from Manila (it's best to bring a private vehicle though). Best for groups of 20 pax, it has 5 rooms, a private pool, and ample parking space. You could bring your own food and drinks (corkage is included in the rental fee) and request assistance from the kitchen helpers when preparing meals. Also, FREE WIFI. Sold!!!!


 Pool - Night Shot
Pool - Day Shot 

Pool Side Seats

Common Area + Videoke

Main Lobby

Outdoor grill for bbq and burgers



I want to write about SG/KL, Los Balcones-Tali Beach, Nix/Vea Birthday bash at A.Venue Hotel, and the epic 10.10.10 drunk fest.


I don't have time :(

That is all.


Teaser Poster for Urbandub's Major Concert!!!

Koi Busalla of Sonic Boom just uploaded this photo:


I think this is just the teaser poster for Urbandub's 10 Years of Influence major concert. No details for ticket prices yet but Koi said it would be around Php650 to Php1250. Mark your calendars, dubistas! This big event will be on October 22, 8pm, at the Music Museum.

Kita kits!!!!

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