Amazing Race Asia 4 Pilipinas

I want to join The Amazing Race if only I:

1. Could drive
2. Can run fast(er)
3. Have a sexy nice(r) body

Jess / Lani. Damn, girl.

Until then, I'll just stick to something I'm very very good at.


And then take photos with the people who are lucky enough to join the race.

Richard Herrera, Richard Harden, and Lara Pillinger

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 premiered last September and it's now down to it's last few episodes. And, yey, both Philippine teams are still on the race. So make sure to catch Richard & Richard plus Jess & Lani every Thursdays, 9pm at AXN. Videos and other cool downloadable stuff may be accessed at www.axn-asia.com/tara

Filipino bloggers with Amazing Race Asia Philippine Team

Thanks Abet and Azrael for the photos! :D
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