Directory of Taxi Companies in Metro Manila

For everyone's reference, here's a directory of  taxi companies in Manila, Philippines. I usually call up R&E or MGE whenever I need a cab pick-up but it helps to have other options especially during peak hours.

Avis Taxi - 8795263
Basic Taxi - 6437777
Crownstar Taxi - 7473064
EMP Taxi - 2935930
MGE Taxi - 3648260
Nine Star Taxi - 3301654
Nissan Taxi - 5512439
R&E Taxi - 3621890

Leave a comment if you know of other cab companies! :)


Fifth Bangkok Trip, Third for 2012

Off to my favorite city (by far) on 28th July...this time with my best friend Kin!

Unlike my previous trips, I won't be staying at Khao San for my first night. Spotted Linkcorner Hostel at Agoda and it seemed nice based on the reviews so I'll give it a try. Heard it's just near Pratunam market and the airport link station so it shouldn't be so bad.

Oh, I'll be staying at Lebua at State Tower again! Haven't blogged yet about the place but it's awesome as hellz. The Sirocco (where scenes from Hangover 2 were filmed) is a must-visit! Beer's expensive though at around 400BHT.

I HAVE A LOT OF BACK LOGS. I HAVE A LOT OF BACKLOGS. Will make up for it soon!


How Last Saturday Night Was Spent

Biked to [almost] the edge of Singapore from my place. Started at around 7pm, got home 3 hours later with only 10-15mins stop along the way.

See the yellow line in the map? ALMOST 40KM roundtrip omg. I'm surprised I could still walk after.

That is all.
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