Urbandub Major Concert Set List

4 days to go before the much-awaited Urbandub Major Concert at Music Museum! Am so so so so excited, we got tickets already!


I've been a dub fan since 2002 kaya naman sobrang kilig na kilig ako with the idea of the concert. Hihi. <3 We didn't get the VIP tickets na...we already had our VIP moment during the Pelicola.tv / Globe Tattoo Alive Out There live shoot. I hope the set list this time will be *a little* different. More songs from the older albums please!!!!

Here's my dream set list for the concert (in no particular order):

1. No Ordinary Love
2. Cebuana
3. Sailing
4. Two Things
5. Fallen on Deaf Ears
6. First of Summer
7. Endless, A Silent Whisper
8. An Invitation
9. Inside the Mind of a Killer
10. The Fight is Over
11. Versus
12. Give
13. Soul Searching
14. Lover Among Ruins

No track from Apparition, sry. Not really a fan of that album :( Just the same, my friends and I will definitely sing/jump/dance our hearts out on Friday.

What's your set list? :)
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