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I have joined [and won] a handful of drinking contest since my first introduction to beer---the honey colored liquid bread from heaven. My recent win was a Php500 voucher for Marriot Hotel Manila. Hands-down, mug-down, the winner was *cough* yours truly. *clap clap clap*

Even Georgina Wilson cheers me on

Okaaaaaaaaay, this is not a Georgina Wilson post. Rather, I would like to share with you (yes you, my sole reader from Uzbekiztan) this fancy place called Velocity Bar.

I'm Ms.Fancy Pants now!

 @ the Velocity Bar Bloggers Night

Velocity Bar, located at the ground floor of Marriot Hotel Manila (across NAIA Terminal 3), is the country's first and only 5-star sports and entertainment bar. Lord Google even informed me that this bar is actually a replica of Velocity Bar Hong Kong! That deserves a million like like like like like!

Epic lighting, zomg 5-STAR!

The place is not solely for sports enthusiast as you could also spend a relaxing night here, either alone or with friends. Also, unlike other similar establishments cramped with people, Velocity is quite spacious so it could serve as an ideal venue for casual meetings or small private parties.

I want a room with a bar. Seriously.

Aside from the incredibly amazing modern interiors, Velocity also boasts its wide-range of food and BEVERAGE menu. I put emphasis on the word BEVERAGE because the first thing I ordered when I arrived was a glass of Martini. And, gardemmit, their Martinis are made with premium dry gin...

Not just one row of Bombay Sapphire...

...but a whole case! And it sparkles! Like Edward Cullen!!!!

The bar also offers on-tap local draft beers (Php175 for 450ml, Php200 for 540ml) and bottled local brews such as San Miguel Light, San Miguel Pale Ale, San Miguel Super Dry, San Miguel Cerveza Negra, and San Miguel Premium Malt (Php175/bottle). TIP: If you're going for the bottled ones, I strongly suggest San Miguel Premium Malt as its SRP is Php60, while the San Miguel Ale are just sold for around Php30 a bottle. There's more value for your money if you order the former.

If you want 5-star experience on a tight budget, try visiting Velocity during happy hour to get selected beverages (local draft beer, house wine, soda and pouring spirits) at 50% off! That's from Tuesdays to Sundays, 6pm to 8pm. Hey, Php100 Beer at a fancy place like this is already a good deal! I guess my friends and I would have to try it one of these days. We're plain suckers for happy hours. Meh.

The tap brew is served on this crazy HUGE heavy glass

San Miguel, my favorite saint

For those who want premium brews, you may choose from Amstell, Becks, Budweiser, Corona, Fosters, Heineken, Grolsch, Holstein, Hoegaarden, Kroneenbourg, Stella Artois, and Tsing Tao (Php255/bottle). Now, remember the voucher I won in the beer drinking contest? I tried to order Grolsch and Hoegaarden with it BUT BUT BUT I was told they were not available. :| Those two, very very elusive.

I then converted my beer-voucher into food! ^___^ Got Baked Nachos for everyone and Crisp Organic Vegetable for Carl (LOL!!)

Velocity's Baked Nachos (Php350) is a basic bar-chow for 2-3 people, served with jalapenos, refried beans, tomato salsa, sour cream, and....GRAVY?! See that brown sauce in the photo? All of us were like, "LOL, WHUT? Bakit may gravy?" :\ Also, i'm not a fan of the baked cheese atop the tortillas since it makes the chips turn soggy. But the jalapeƱos were good, I love chilies!

I gaped when the waiter handed the Crisp Organic Vegetable (Php480) I ordered. I didn't expect it to be...JUST LIKE THAT so plain. The dish is made of sliced carrots, cucumber, celery and asparagus served with crudites roasted mushroom and eggplant dip. For its serving size, I find this basic appetizer quite overpriced. But Carl enjoyed it because he's the veggie man! =D On the other hand, I find the Sticky Fried Chicken Wings (Php350) a good choice. Pair this sweet spicy meat with a glass/bottle of ice-cold beer and you're sure to have a cozy laid-back evening ahead of you.

 Alay ng gulay para kay Carl! Funneh photo by Ian

Leira also got a voucher so she tried the Chicken Satay (Php520), sticks of coconut husk grilled chicken served with peanut sauce.

Unfortunately, the satay were dry, probably over-cooked. The peanut sauce clumped easily that it didn't look and taste appetizing anymore. Needs improvement. :( For now, I say Sticky Fried Chicken Wings would be a better option.

Let's play a game: count the martinis!
By the way, here's the pricelist for the non-alcoholic beverages:

Evian 500ml (Php350)
Perrier 500ml (Php280)
San Pellegrino 500ml (Php280)
Panna 500ml (Php280)
Espresso (Php180)
Double Espresso (Php220)
Caffe Macchiato (Php200)
Long Black (Php200)
Cappuccino (Php180)
Caffe Latte (Php180)
Coca-Cola Products (Php175)
Iced tea (Php180)
Hot Chocolate (Php180)

I also love the iced tea!

I had around 3 rounds of tap beer, plus so and so glasses of cosmo/martini. So, yes, I had fun at this event! Huuuuuuuuuuuuge thanks to Meikah for the invite!

If you want to inquire and/or make reservations at Velocity Bar, please contact Marriot Hotel Manila at (02) 988 9999 or visit www.marriott.com/mnlap

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