Notes from a new OFW in Singapore

Haven't been blogging much lately since I moved to Singapore.

Yep, I'm now SG-based, i.e. OFW. I went here with minimal amount of money, no laptop, no digicam, and a lot of courage. I now work at MYOB!assist as a Media Sales Executive and things are doing well so far. It's been a month since I've been here...I really miss my family, friends, workmates, blogger-friends, and mao mao :( Good thing I found a great new set of fellow Pinoys here who are as crazy as I am. Haha. Huge thanks to Jotz Lizardo etc. for taking care of me during my first week here!

Celebrating Pinoy Chinese New Year in Singapore

Minus the fact that I'm miles away from home and the ridiculous alcohol prices, I actually quite like it here in Singapore. I now live in a place that is just 30-40 minutes away from work by bus and within walking distance to a train station, a swimming complex, and a community gym. Woot, yeah.

my salvation

Also, the food here are just lovely.

rainy day bak kut teh lunch out with officemates

I really wish for things to turn out great. Please, Singapore, stay kind.
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