Ristras Mexican Grill for Delivery

The great thing about working at The Fort: availability of great restaurants. One of which is Ristras Mexican Grill.

Carlos, Hannah, Trixie and I (photo by SerialTripper.com)

I love how Ristras serves their food fast yet fresh. It's also interesting how you could come up with a variety of flavors for your burrito/enchilada/quesadilla/fajitas because you could choose your own meat, rice, beans, and salsa.


However, Ristras branches are only at The Fort and Greenhills---and these places are not very much accessible for someone residing in Manila or QC, i.e. me. Good thing Ristras is now available for delivery via 2121212 and we availed the service during my recent sleepover with friends.

Since I'll be leaving for Singapore very soon, I booked a room at Herald Suites Hotel Solana so my friends and I could drink, swim, and have a John Lloyd marathon. After swimming and lying around all afternoon, we just felt too lazy to go out for dinner. The hotel's room service menu didn't offer much so we had our food delivered instead.

Our food were well-labeled too

I placed my order at Quickdelivery.ph since I want to be very specific about my orders. I chose Ristras because:

1. Their items are good for sharing
2. I love Mexican food and
3. Mexican food go well with beer

Charisma chose Grilled Chicken Burrito (Php320) with cilantro lime rice, vegetarian black beans, and red chili sauce wrapped in whole wheat tortilla while I had Jalapeno Chicken Fajita Burrito (Php340) with chorizo brown rice, red chili sauce wrapped in white tortilla. I requested to have the burritos cut into halves to make it easier to eat.

Jalapeno Chicken Fajita Burrito

 Grilled Chicken Burrito

Burrito and Fajita Burrito are basically the same thing as you could choose your own meat, rice, and tortilla. They both taste great too. The only difference is that the former has sauteed peppers and onions while the latter has beans. Pair it with Nachos and Salsa (Php95) and you've got the perfect meal.

colorful nachos are colorful :D

Kindred the health buff (she doesn't eat chicken and pork) had Fish Taco Espicale (Php350) with cilantro lime rice and black vegetarian beans. I had a taste of the fried mahi-mahi and was surprised by how delicious it was! It was seasoned well and had enough batter to coat the fresh white fillet. It was my first time to try a fish taco and I could say it was a pleasant experience. Will definitely get this when I want something healthy on my next Ristras visit.

Crispy Mahi-Mahi with guacamole, onions, and cheddar jack cheese

By the way, I requested for paper plates and I'm glad they didn't forget to include them in my package. <3

paper plates, spoon, fork, knife

hotel delivery yey!

eating while watching tv

Ristras Mexican Grill has branches in San Juan and The Fort. For delivery, contact Ristras at 2121212 or order online at www.quickdelivery.ph.
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