Must Try: Bordeaux Premium French Wine Bar

Hey guys, I dined at Bordeaux Premium French Wine Bar and I enjoyed it.


Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay. That doesn't sound/feel right coming from someone who finds happiness in drinking beer along Khao San's backpacker/transvestite filled street and Sampaloc's jeje/agaw-cellphone filled neighborhood. But yes, yours truly went to a place that has:

1. A name which you must google to find the correct pronunciation: \bȯr-ˈdō\
2. The word Premium
3. The word French
4. The word Wine. My body and wine don't mix well (read: heartburn)

See, I only frequent places with "Bar" on its name like this, this, this, and many more. My drinking preference makes it quite unusual for me to be seen in a French Wine Bar. It's something I'd rather skip as I'm more into a casual laid-back atmosphere. But with my recent experience, I guess it's justifiable to make Bordeaux an exception.

Bread and olive oil dip were given as complimentary appetizers. Funny, the bars I normally visit have appetizers that come in form of colorful kropecks or roasted highland legumes, i.e. mani.

The Grilled Lettuce and Beef Salad (Php320) is an unusual yet pleasant dish. Unlike salads where greens are served fresh and crispy, this one had the veggies grilled and there's tiny chunks of beef on top. Don't forget to dip 'em lettuce and cherry tomatoes in the honey mustard balsamic vinegar dressing!

Beef Burgundy


Popular dishes are Gambas ala Rochelle (Php310) and Beef Top Round Braised in Demiglace Red Wine Reduction Sauce with Mushroom over Spaghetti noodles (Php480). Both of which has been feature in Manila's Signature Dishes 2010.

Let's not forget the Chicken Marinated in Rosemary and Paprika Simmered in Cream Sauce (Php365). Served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes with buttered vegetables and timbales on the side, this dish marries the exquisite herb flavors and earthy mushrooms in its creamy sauce.

The generous portions of chicken fillet is moist and goes well with mashed potatoes. I could say that this dish is good for 2 pax.

Worthy of  praise is Bordeaux's Cream Dory stuffed with Bleau Cheese and Shrimp topped with Cheese covered with Holladaise and Bleau Cheese Sauce (Php600). Yes, that is exactly how it's written on the menu.

obligatory close up shot to make you hungry/jealous

I was with Hannah Villasis and Vince Golangco at Bordeaux and they said this is the Best Dory dish at BGC! Everything goes well together--the dory, shrimp, and blue cheese fused perfectly making it an unforgettable dish. It impresses event further with its presentation. The dory fillet beautifully encased the shrimp as both of them sit regally on melted cheese. Like I said, worthy of a praise.

Bordeaux Premium French Wine Bar at Unit F, Forbeswood Drive, Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. For reservations, contact 403-6554.
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