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I had my first taste of alcohol at the age of 4. My mother, who was then having drinks with her friends inside our house, made me sip from her glass of beer in lieu of milk.

It's what mothers do.

Thanks ma, I love you.


Beer. The Liquid Bread. Most people hate it because of its bitter taste. Fortunately, my friends and I are huge fans of this drink. A couple or so bottles paired with greasy munchies are things we look forward to after a long day at work. We're dudes with boobz, yo. For beer lovers like us, Pivo Restobar is HEAVEN. The place prides itself with 120+ premium beer brands from countries such as Belgium, Germany, Mexico, USA, England, France, and Spain, among others. Hard-core San Miguel fans need not worry as the place still offer local brews. But it won't hurt to try some foreign ones from time to time, right?

Nestled along the busy area of Home Depot Complex along Julia Vargas Pasig, Pivo is frequented by yuppies either celebrating a birthday/engagement/etc or chilling down after office hours. Entering the venue, you'll see al fresco dining tables which could seat 25 people and an elevated VIP area that could accommodate 20 guests. At night, the place is lit by a soft yellow light from several makeshift lamp posts in the room corners. A lone LCD television, placed at the center wall of the bar area, is almost always tuned in a cable sports channel. Crossover music and upbeat lounge plays in the background, allowing guests to engage in conversations over a cold bottle of beer.

I want those lamps in my room

I want this poster in my room

I want these in my room, also.

I like that beer menu of Pivo includes the country of origin and alcohol contents. I find it very informative and helpful for the customers, especially those who are very particular about their drinks. If you have questions about the menu, you could simply ask your server and he will provide you the information you need. Best-sellers include Hoegaarden, Grolsch, Chimay, Flying Dog, Rogue, and Ballast Point.

 L-R: Flying Dog in Heat Wheat Beer (Php175), Leffe Blonde (Php145), Chimay Blue (Php195)

L-R: Strongbow Cider (Php180), Maredsous Blonde (Php178), Pink Killer (Php145)

If you're used to having beers at P35-50 a bottle, a Php140 bottle could seem a tad overpriced. This is why I shy away from Pivo's pale ales as some of them would only taste similar to San Miguel Pale Pilsen / Premium. It's better to put my money on strong dark ales that will definitely give a kick! Case in point: Chimay Blue and Maredsous Blonde.
Belgium brands Chimay Blue and Maredsous Blonde have 9% and 6% alcohol content, respectively. This explains their very dark color and somewhat thick consistency. I like the Chimay Blue better because it's not as bitter as that of Maredsous, and it goes really well with the gourmet sausage.

Flying Dogg In Heat is a pretty decent drink. It has a golden orange color with a light foam. At 4.70% aclohol content, this beer is best served ice cold. A somewhat similar treat is the Belgian bottle Leffe Blonde, which has a fairly light taste with a hint of sweetness.

For those who prefer fruity drinks, get the Strongbow Cider (England) or Pink Killer (Belgium) which have just around 5% alcohol content...somehow close to our local San Miguel Light which is at 4.20%. Strongbow Cider is made from apple so you'll kind of feel like you're drinking a spiked version of C2. Or maybe it's just me. Meh. Now, Pink Killer, is a sweet beer infused with grapefruit. Sweet, eh?

Gourmet Sausage and Home Fries (Php200)

Pivo's Sizzling Sisig (Php195)

Nothing beats a cold bottle of beer with a generous serving of meat and oil on the side. Good thing that Pivo offers a number of bar chows, pizzas, and other entrees on their menu. A best-seller is the gourmet sausages, priced at Php200-Php380 per order. We always get the Hungarian because we want a bit of spice in our meat. But you could also choose from Bavarian, Bratwurst, Frankfurter, Pepperoni, or Kielbasa. Each dish also comes with a heap of home style fries (which taste similar to Chili's) to complete your cholesterol needs. Pivo's sisig, on the other hand, is forgetful. It has too much pork fat and it's not crispy at all. I'd rather get another sausage or a pizza than a sisig. Interested to see what else is on Pivo's menu? Check it here.

Make your visit to Pivo enjoyable by being adventurous! If you have the budget, try ordering different bottles and do a taste test among your group. Remember, good beer is best enjoyed with great friends.

My best beer buddies Cha and Nix

Pivo Restobar is located at Ortigas Home Depot Complex, Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig. Accepts cash and credit cards. Add them on Facebook here.
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