Catch These Two Pinays on Glee's 2nd Season!

So now it's confirmed that Charice Pempengo IS joining Glee, Filipinos all over the world (i guess) are rejoicing this feat. But she's not the only Pinay who will be on the show's second chapter!

Meet Hazel Faith Dela Cruz, the winner of Jack TV's Glee Send Off contest. <3

The Glee Cast even announced her win! Check out this funny video!

Per her brother, she doesn't know yet which episode she will appear. I really don't mind if she'll get a speaking role or not because, hey, Jollibee didn't even do anything during THAT episode and we were all gaga about it all over the interwebz, newspapers, and TV.

I'm looking forward to seeing these two talented ladies on Glee!

Charice [photo via] and Hazel Faith [photo via fezbook]

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