Colt45 Vava-Vroom Promo Mechanics

Colt 45 beer challenges all real pinoy men to join the Colt 45 Vava-Vroom Real Man Promo! If you could handle this strong brew, you could get a chance to date Cristine Reyes in Boracay or win a Colt 45 4x4 Tough Truck tax-free!

OMG, palpitate tiem!

Okay, real men. Calm down. First, here are the Vava-Vroom promo mechanics:

1. Collect 10 (ten) Colt 45 silver crowns, i.e. tansan. (get it from your sari-sari store or something. BETTER YET, JUST BUY THE BEER)
2. Put all 10 crowns in an envelope with a piece of paper containing your name, address, contact number, birthday, and signature
3. Seal the envelope and dropt it off at any 2GO outlets or find a Colt 45 Vava-vroom dropbox nationwide. For a list of 2Go branches, click here

Don't worry because you still have until September 15, 2010 to chug all those beers. For now, I leave you with Christine Reyes wearing a white swimsuit. Enjoy!

Colt45 Vava-Vroom Real Man Promo Poster
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