Big Sky Mind: Drinks, Food, Music

Anywhere with cheap beer/food and good crowd + music should be considered a great place. An example would be Big Sky Mind in Quezon City. It's been around for quite some time (1999, to be exact) so don't be surprised to see crowds in their mid-30s especially during weekdays. It's a place where you could relax with a cold bottle of beer after a long tiring day at work. Please, don't expect a fancy place, hotel-like restroom, or speedy service. Go to Encore or something.

Big Sky Mind Quezon City
Big Sky Mind: Since 1999

Going there early, say 7pm, would only disappoint you as you will be greeted by a CLOSED sign. The staff usually come in at around 8:30-9pm so it's safe to drop by at that time. It stays open until 5am, Tuesdays-Sundays.

Upon entering the 2-storey bar, you'll see several chairs, tables, bar stools, and fluffy couches. If you have sensitive skin, stay away from the couch else you'll end up with red spots all over your arms. Well, not really. But I hope you get the idea.

Big Sky Mind Bar
During music events, that couch is moved to make way for the band setup

2008: OBS

Bar area

Wall en route the restroom

the 2nd floor doubles as an art gallery

When the place is not packed, a staff will come up to you with a menu in hand. During gig nights and/or weekends, just go straight to the bar area and get your order directly from the bartender. Shouting could also be an option. Local beers cost around Php35 to Php50 a bottle which is really really cheap compared to Makati bars, even Cubao X. Non-beer drinkers, on the other hand, should not worry because Big Sky has an extensive reasonably-priced cocktail & shooters menu--including Absinthe. Yeah. The Green Fairy.

I want that 'Bartenders are Gods' shirt!!!

Big Sky Mind Bar Menu
Beer and Hard Drinks Menu

Mixed Drinks Menu

Absinthe at Php230/shot

Flipping the other side of the laminated blue menu, you'll see a long list of different food offerings: appetizers, rice meals, burgers, omeletes, pizzas, plus other items rarely offered in a bar. Mixed fries (Php125) and Chicken fingers (Php125) are my favorites!

Big Sky Mind Food Menu
Mixed Fries + Pale Pilsen = My Ideal Value Meal

Cheese, BBQ, Sour Cream: Good for 3-4 people

Unfortunately, Taco Style Pizza (Php140) was sloppy because of too much toppings


Big Sky Mind's Food Menu

Pasta, Pate, Omelete too!

The bar is accessible both for private vehicle owners and commuters. You could park your car infront the establishment or the nearby side streets. If you're commuting from EDSA-Cubao, just take a Quiapo bound jeepney/FX and get off at E.Rodriguez Ave. cor. Broadway Ave. (St.Joseph's College / Quezon City Sports Center). You should see a McDo on your left and a KFC at your right. Get off at KFC and cross to the side of McDo. Big Sky Mind should just be a short walk from there. It's at the left side of the street, with see-through windows.

Directions to Big Sky Mind Bar QC
Location Map from Big Sky Mind's Facebook Page

Big Sky Mind is located E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue cor. Broadway Avenue cor. 14th Street, Barangay New Manila Quezon City. Open Tuesdays-Sundays, 9pm to 5am. Cash payments only.
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