Globe and Touch Mobile make ‘tingi loading’ a summer breeze

Everyone says that summer is the season of firsts: First crush, first kiss, first barkada beach trip, and more. Well, imagine being able to buy cellphone prepaid load for the first time ever in a jeepney on your way home, or from the fishball vendor who sells you merienda everyday. So instead of having to hunt high and low for prepaid load, the load now comes right to you.

This summer, Globe, Globe Tattoo and Touch Mobile gives you a first you’ve never had before: The first-ever 10 Peso Tingi Load, greeting you almost anywhere you turn. So you can buy P 10 Tingi Load on your daily bus ride, over the counter at your favorite fastfood, and even from the takatak boy on the street corner.

Sold in easy-to-use and ultra-secure scratch cards, Globe Tattoo’s P 10.00 Tingi Load is available on buses, jeepneys, FXs, and also from street vendors, train stations and selected restaurants. Just scratch off the protective film and use your Tattoo mobile phone to key in the PIN you see there, and you’ll be all set.

Globe’s marketing chief Menchi Orlina explains, “This summer, we’ll make being Globe-connected a breeze. Summer is a busy time for everyone, and with so many exciting things going on, who wants to wait for prepaid load? Now you can get loaded in a flash just about anywhere. Our P 10 Tingi Load gives you an affordable, easily available option, so you can load up when you board the bus to the mall, or when you buy your snack from the corner jolly jeep. With Globe Tattoo, now the load comes to you.”

As the mercury rises, you can stay cool knowing you’ll always be connected to your friends, and summer adventures are just a call, text or instant message away only with Globe, Globe Tattoo and TM’s P 10 Tingi Load.

The P10 Peso Tingi Load card is exclusively available for Globe Tattoo, Globe Prepaid and TM users. To know more, call (02) 730 1000 or visit www.globe.com.ph/tattoo.
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