I watched Friendly Fires Live in Singapore!!!

SG concerts are <3 Just watched Friendly Fires two days ago at Fort Canning with my newly-found SG friends: Kim, Bya, Jen, and Celine!

 VIP Tickets!

My bestfriend Kin was supposed to watched this concert too but she chose CDO w/ BF over FF which was weird and cute at the same time. "I'm a changed person," she said. LOL. I just called her up when FF played "Paris" as a consolation.

Jump in the pool!

photo by Celine Jacinto

It was actually Faithless' concert and FF was just the front act. However, Faithless took a long time to set up and we're not really interested to hear them so we left early. Huge thanks to Bya for the passes! :)

obligatory group shot inside the lift
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