Shop and Nom at Ikea Tampines

I've been wanting to visit Ikea since I moved to Singapore but I figured it would be more fun if I wait for Cha and Kin's arrival first. So last Saturday, we visited the branch nearest to my place which is Ikea Tampines. It took us around an hour to go there because the bus wait was soooooooooooooo long.


The first thing we did: eat hotdogs! No photos kasi gutom na gutom na kami lah. Hohohooo. We managed to nom the hotdogs in less than ten minutes because we were so excited to go inside the store.

inside Ikea Tampines

Cha and Kin gets comfy in the showroom

Dani S Cooking Show!

It's true. Ikea is a happy place. I demand a house filled with Ikea stuff! :( Kitchen, beds, fluffy pillows....I WANT THEM ALL. I wish there would be a Manila branch soon, I'm sure my mama would love it more than I do!

Bargain finds at Ikea As Is Section

Another thing that we're looking forward to is the food! I heard the chicken wings and swedish meatballs are a definite must-try here.



Kin and I got the 10pcs swedish meatballs (SGD6.50) which came with baked potato, gravy, and berry jam. The meatballs somehow reminded me of Jollibee's Burger Steak (or maybe I'm just too homesick? hahaha). It would have been nice though if it was mashed potato instead of the baked one. The wings, on the other hand, are just so-so. For me it was nothing special. I still prefer Wingman's version when it comes to fried wings.

By the way, you can take away the meatballs from the frozen section for SGD15 per pack (1kg). Not bad! For more information about Ikea Singapore, visit www.ikea.com.sg.
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