Manila Job Hunting Tips

An "ideal job" is not something that would miraculously present itself to you. Finding it is a quest that requires an appropriate mix of effort, patience, and skills. How would you stand out from a handful of applicants who are more experienced, educated, and better-looking than you? What would it take to hear the sweet words, "Congratulations, we like to offer you the job"? Below are some job hunting tips, if you need any.

1. A Kick-ass yet Professional Resume

- Putting your favorite Friendster photo in your resume, though tempting, is not recommend.
- Your gorgeousbabe13@web.com email address? Change that to something appropriate. Remember, you want to get the attention of the boss, not some random sex offender.
- Highlight your qualifications in a detailed yet brief way. Nobody likes to read a 5-page single spaced resume.
- Check your spelling and grammer grammar.

2. "Are you free tomorrow for an interview?"

- Be honest. Tell the employer if you can make the schedule or not.
- Prepare! Search online for commonly asked questions during interview, write down your answers, and practice saying it out loud. THIS REALLY REALLY REALLY WORKS.
- Dress appropriately i.e. no jeje cap.
- Arrive 10 minutes prior your scheduled appointment.
- Bring copies of your resumes with you.
- FLAUNT YOUR PERSONALITY. Your kick-ass yet professional resume already got you halfway the quest. Employers need to see WHO YOU ARE. Be confident, think of your answers carefully, speak slowly, and please, don't piss on your chair.

3. "Do you have any questions?"

- These 5 words are very important. For chrissakes, don't tell the interviewer "I don't have any."
- There are a lot of online resources that could help you draft appropriate questions to your interviewer.

4. Say "Thank You"

- After the interview, it's a nice gesture to send a Thank You email. Sincerely show your gratitude and tell them that you are looking forward for their positive feedback.

5. Wait

- Be patient
- Pray
- If you get the job, YEY!
- If you don't get the job, to pls don't go emo. :( Reflect on what possibly went wrong and see how you could improve on your next quest.

If you are currently on a quest for an ideal job, you might want to drop by the Jobgantic Career Fair 2011. Hosted by Jobstreet.com, the number one job portal in the Philippines, this event will feature 250 top companies from here and abroad. Pre-register at www.jobstreet.com, ready your resumes, and head down to SMX Convention Centre with your game face on. This two-day event is scheduled on August 12-13, 2011, 10 am to 7 pm.

Jobgantic Fair 2011 by Jobstreet.com

For more details, visit www.jobstreet.com.
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