Thinking Twice Could Be A Smart Move

It’s been 3 months since I made a life-altering decision of moving to Singapore. I could still remember the day I was informed by my employer that my work pass was finally approved. I was very lucky, she said, because Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower is very strict towards foreign applicants. Congratulations were in order and the conversation ended with a note that I have a month to process my documents else my employment would be forfeited. With that, massive waves of emotions immediately kicked in—excitement, sadness, happiness, fear, and most of all, doubt.

1 month. 31 days. 4 weeks. 744 hours. 44,640 minutes. Insert song and dance number here. Meh. Kidding aside, a month is not enough to finalize my work turnover, say goodbye to everyone, and prepare for a new phase in my life. The situation got me thinking twice. Am I ready for a big change? Is Singapore worthy enough to leave my career, relationship, friends, and family behind? Do I really really REALLY want this? I had to make a firm decision soon considering the small time given to me. Thankfully, words of encouragement, assurance, and support poured in from my loved ones. “Kaya mo yan, Dani.” I knew then that working in Singapore would be a smart choice.

So yes, it’s been 3 months. Have I adjusted here? Hmmm…not yet, but I’m going there. :) Do I get sad? I guess it’s perfectly normal to get homesick from time to time. Good thing I have a new set of Pinoy friends here who share my craziness for food and beer. Hehe. Quite honestly, there are times when I feel weak and wish that I could just go back to Manila. But I know I have to overcome my emotions and think twice. All I need is to embrace this huge change in my life and see the positive side of things so I could be happy.

New found friends, yey!

Best. Housemates. Ever.

Thinking twice is not a bad thing. In fact, allowing room for doubt, or change even, shows courage and wisdom. Interestingly, Charmee Breathable Pantyliner recently launched a campaign that encourages women to think twice and make a smart choice when it comes to everyday feminine hygiene care. As a Charmee-user, I could attest for its quality and value. In fact, I have it in my must-include-in-Singapore-luggage list because Charmee is more affordable compared to other brands in Manila and Singapore. I'm serious because I'm a cheapskate like that. ^__^ For only Php1.15 (Sgd0.03)per liner, I feel fresh everyday wherever I am. Very cool, lah!

Think Twice!

Know more about thinking twice and making a smart choice for yourself by visiting the official website of Charmee at http://charmee.com.ph/. You may also follow and interact with your fellow smart women via Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.
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