How to make a Flaming B52 cocktail shot

Para sa mga mahilig mag-laro ng apoy

Here's my version of a Flaming B52 shot. I said "my version" because I don't have a Grand Marnier. I used Triple Sec instead because it's cheap (Php185). Grand Marnier would cost around P1,600 and that's pure BS. Well. No. Actually, I just don't have the money.

Flaming B52 Ingredients:
Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua)
Irish Cream (Amarula)
Orange Liqueur (Triple Sec)
High Proof Rum (Bacardi 151)

shot glass
shot pourers
bar spoon
matchstick / lighter

Fire extinguisher / Pail of water
A Ms.Minchin figure (adult supervision for drunkards age 15 and below)

why a photo of a librarian is here, I have no idea

Highly Recommended:
Bro (for guidance, so your house won't burn down)

With a spoon, layer in exact order the coffee liqueur, irish cream, and triple sec. Add a few* drops of Bacardi 151. Carefully ignite the drink using a match then drink immediately with a straw.

use the back of a spoon to layer ingredients

layered drink

*Typical hard drinks have 30-40% alcohol content. Bacardi 151 has 75.5% alcohol content which makes it highly flammable and stupid to drink as is.

the 151 back label warning is warning you

Here's a step-by-step video, for all you eager learners.

God bless your liver.

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