My First Bangkok Food Trip

I love Bangkok, Thailand despite its close resemblance to Philippines' humid weather. I love the culture, the shopping centers, the cheap beers, and most of all, I love the FOOD. I could eat Thai food forever. Nom nom.

Say hello to the evil Pad Thai

We arrived BKK at midnight and checked-in at around 1am in Green HouseKhaosan. After unpacking our stuff, I invited my friend Sheila to go out for a late dinner. Ian, Lai, and Roi were too tired to go out so they already slept. WHATTALOSE.

Walking along the streets, we saw a Pad Thai stall and decided to try it out. Upon placing our order for one Chicken Pad Thai (BT60), a weird conversation started:

Vendor: Mild or Spicy?
Sheila and I  (in gleeful unison): SPICY!
Vendor: Are you sure, spicy?
Sheila and I: Yes!

Chuckling, the vendor proceeded in making our order. I was surprised by how easy she cooked the noodles! In less than 5 minutes, we were served our first ever authentic Thai street food.

Lady, we should've listened to you

We excitedly dug in our Pad Thai (we ate it at the stall) then immediately realized the vendor's point. It was very delicious but gaddemit, IT WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY SPICY. It literally brought us to tears. Lol. The lady vendor laughed at us (in a nice way) as we eat her painfully delicious Pad Thai.

Sheila, meet the evil Pad Thai

Afraid that our tongues will burn out, we  went to the nearby 7-Eleven to get drinks. I felt like a kid in a candy store because I found items that not sold in our local convenience stores. They are priced cheap too!

Sausages of different lengths, colors, and girth

Lots of frozen munchies

Yakult, Yogurt, and Flavored Milk Drinks

In the morning, we visited Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and the Grand Palace. These temples are close to each other so you could either walk or ride a tuk-tuk. We chose the former because we want to experience the streets of Bangkok. Just like in the Philippines, it's also filled with vendors selling hats, statues, toys, cds (pirated ones, yes!), and other trinkets. Of course, there were an abundance of food.

Fried Sausages and Dumplings sold at BT10-20 each stick

Fresh Juice at BT10-35

Iced Coffee at BT20, Venti :)

Later that day, we transferred to a new inn at Siam City (Wendy Guest House). MBK Center was just a short-walk from our place so it was our first stop. And sweet bejezuz, MBK is sooooo huge. The place is bustling with people, locals and foreigners alike. You could buy everything here--electronics, clothes, shoes, jewelry, textile, toys, perfumes, etc.

MBK Center

Pickled fruits sold per gram


Night approached fast and it was finally time for dinner. Unfortunately, heavy rain began to pour so we had to cancel our scheduled visit to Somboon. We went to MBK foodcourt instead because I've read online that it's also a must-visit for diners. It was almost closing time when we arrived so we hurriedly bought our food stubs for BT100 each (the change could be refunded afterwards). I ordered Chili Chicken rice for myself and Oyster Omelette for group sharing.

Oh, I did some "grocery" shopping too!

Thai Beer and Alcoholic Drinks

Our last day in Bangkok began with an early visit to Chatuchak. Good thing our accommodation includes free breakfast so we grabbed a quick bite before proceeding to shopping battle!

Healthy breakfast before the fight!

A quick BTS train ride brought us to Thailand's famous weekend market. I think we were only able to visit 2% of the whole area because it was so hot and the place was jam-packed! We bought bags, clothes, accessories and had some food and drinks along the way! And no, I didn't see/try any fried bugs or cockroaches that this place is famous for.

No bugs here yey

Flavored waffles

I got separated from our group so I had a solo lunch at Pratunam Mall. The whole place was meh, I think it's almost closing down. Since it was unbelievably hot outside, I just stayed inside the mall to look for a place to eat. And then I saw.....*drumroll please* KFC!!!!

 Colonel Sanders, I love jooooo!!!

I'm the lone customer

FYI: KFC Bangkok doesn't serve gravy with their chicken. A disappointment. Huge disappointment. But hey, the fried rice was pure love! I wish KFC will also serve it here in the Philippines!

BKK group!

We were able to visit a lot of places during our 2-day stay but I know there's a lot more I need to discover. :) I'm really looking forward to my Bangkok trip next month! My best friends Cha and Nix will join me and we will definitely get drunk at Khaosan have fun!<3

Note to self: order MILD Pad Thai next time. =p
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