2012 Resolutions

I haven't been posting as much as I used to because I'm lulz like that.

ANYWAY, 2012 YEY!!!

I know New Year Resolutions are crappy but I still intend to make the most out of this year so I resolve to do the following:

1. Blog more often.

This requires a new camera and I'm buying one this weekend, woot.

2009 Philippine Blog Awards

2. Don't be late for work.

I love my new job, VML Qais is the _best_ place to work so I'll wake up earlier than usual to eliminate the constant need of running for the bus. Also, SMRT, I love you from the bottom of my EZLink card. But please work on your 1st World Magic and not be delayed often, yeah? Mwah mwah.

3. Be healthy.

In Gelo's words, "Putok ka talaga ngayon eh" I don't intend to lose weight the fast way but I'll take it slow so I could still enjoy food (like I always do). I need Che and Maui's help for this!

Will it, it will be yours!

4. Save for the future.

I'm 26 this year and it's serious business. I'm greatly grateful to the Lord for the blessings I have received last year and I'm claiming all His graces this 2012!

5. Travel outside Singapore and Philippines

For 2011, I've been in eight (8!!!) flights between Singapore and Manila. The only other place I've been to was in Batam, Indonesia and it wasn't even _that_ fun. Thankfully, I won a contest in www.cheaptickets.sg and I'll be flying to different Asian destinations between January - March this year! Yey! Also, I have planned an epic Europe Trip with my bestfriend Charisma on October. <3 More travels before my passport expires!

Thank you Cheaptickets.sg!

What are your resolutions for 2012? :)
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