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I feel like I'm on a roll for Japanese food reviews so here's my take on the recently opened Sushi Burrito:

Skip the sides. Go for the burrito. Try the Happy Hour Asahi promo.

That's about it....

I kid.

Photo of [a part of] the menu coming up!

sushi burrito singapore menu
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Burritos sell for $10.90-$13.90 each with Grilled, Pan Fried, Sashimi, Vegetarian, and Signature Roll options. For the calorie nazis out there, you'll be glad to know that Sushi Burrito includes the calorie count in their menu (just for the burritos though). We ordered Rainbow Shrimp ($10.90) and Yummy Belly Set Meal ($12.90 for the burrito + $3.90 for drink and 1 light snack or dessert). Since the burritos are huge, the place serves it cut in half which makes it easier for the burrito to be shared with a friend.

sushi burrito singapore review

The Rainbow Shrimp has prawns, naruto maki, lettuce, cucumber, purple cabbage, carrot, takuan, and pink fish floss. All these stuff for 446 calories which is quite close to your McDonald's Double Cheeseburger. The more expensive but lesser calorie (264 only) Yummy Belly has beef, lettuce, tomato, green onions, cucumber, carrots, spring onions, and fukushin zuke. How'd it taste like? Well, it's a pimped out sushi so expect a lot of flavors and textures but after several bites the two burritos tasted quite the same to me. Maybe the sauce and/or fillings are too overwhelming so at the end of the meal you'll probably find yourself asking, "lol what just happened?" We also smelled like grease after we left the place.

Front, left to right: Yummy Belly and Rainbow Shrimp

We also got Chicken Karaage (came with the set meal upgrade of $3.90), Ebi Tempura ($5.90) and Tuna Sashimi ($5.90) on the side. All of which are forgetful. Not exactly worth the extra price and calories.

Behold, the saddest Karaage I've ever had

Say hello to the equally sad tuna sashimi of my entire existence. And what's with the carrots?

Okay, so this ebi is not that bad. A bit pricey though for its size!

One thing that's so cool but we didn't try is their happy hour beer promo. They sell a bottle of Asahi for $7 and you can get 1 extra bottle for every 3 bottle or get a snack (worth $3.90) when you order 2 bottles. It's a good deal to me!

This place is still quite new so there's still a lot to improve on in terms of food taste and presentation. But overall, I actually enjoyed eating the burrito and would probably return to try the other flavors with a bottle or two of ice cold beer.

Sushi Burrito
100AM Shopping Mall, 01-06, 100 Tras Street
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