Urbandub Endless Final Concert: Details + Dream Setlist

In case you've been living under a rock, Urbandub is breaking up after 15 (!!!) years in the industry.

It's Over. Gone. The End of Something. Sailing Away.

Parang kailan lang, we watched their 10th anniversary concert pa. Parang kailan lang, Kindred and I were watching them every weekend at Sonic Boom gigs or anywhere else with Urbandub in the line up. So even though I'm already living in Singapore, I'm flying home to catch their final show. I already booked a flight but I don't have a concert ticket yet because SM doesn't sell tickets online which is a really dick move priorities.

If you don't have a ticket yet, just like yours truly, here are the concert details + poster!

Urbandub Endless 15th Anniversary Concert
Venue: Metrotent Convention Center
Date: May 9 2015
Time: Not sure but probably between 8-9pm?
Ticket Pricing:
Gen Ad - Php1,500 available at SM Tickets (call SM Tickets 470-2222)
VIP Tickets-  Php2,000 SOLD OUT! :(

Urbandub Endless is happening on May 9 2015

I hope Urbandub's setlist would include these songs:

1. Give
2. Come
3. Two Things
4. Fallen on Deaf Ears
5. Under Crisis
6. Soul Searching
7. Runaway
8. Versus
9. Gone
10. Sailing
11. Quiet Poetic
12. A New Tattoo
13. Lover Among Ruins
14. Alert The Armory
15. Frailty
16. First of Summer
17. Reveal the Remedy
18. Endless, A Silent Whisper
19. An Invitation
20. Anthem
21. The Fight is Over
22. Guillotine
23. Cebuana
24. Inside the Mind of a Killer

Yes, I included all songs from Influence because IMO that's the best Urbandub Album ever. No, I won't include any Apparition or Esoteric Songs. I have a feeling that their last song would be First of Summer!!! Di pa ko ready sa last na park car night sky moment ko. 

See you all guys on May 9!!!
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