CEB implements new booking, cancellation policies

Beginning next month, Cebu Pacific (CEB) will be implementing new booking and cancellation policies where changing the name in tickets will now be allowed.

Candice Iyog, CEB's vice president for marketing, said under the new rules, in the case of voluntary or guest-initiated changes, passengers can reschedule their ticket but more than one day before departure date. This includes modifying flight, route, date of travel and name, or cancelling flights.

Involuntary flight disruptions--such as cancellations or delays by CEB--of three hours or more, meanwhile, would allow passengers to a full cash refund or they may store booking in the "Travel Fund" for future travel without penalties within 30 days.

During situations beyond the airline's control such as weather, bird-strike or closure of airports, tickets are not refundable but passengers my rebook flights without penalties as long as travel is completed within 30 days. Passengers may also store booking in the Travel Fund, but with a penalty since these disruptions are beyond CEB's control.

The new Travel Fund allows passengers to use the value of changed flights within 90 days from the date the fund is created, or to transfer the booking to another passenger. The fund eliminates the waiting time for refunds. Passengers can immediately use the stored amount for their next booking.

"The new policy and Travel Fund benefit passengers by allowing them the use of travel credits anytime within its validity period," Iyog said.

“Our low fares and improved on-time performance (OTP) led to a steady increase in passengers and their concern for convenience is an important consideration for CEB. The new business policy provides greater flexibility to passengers while retaining the advantage of very low fares,” Iyog added.

"CEB implements new booking, cancellation policies" by Itchie Cabayan
People's Tonight (p.2), November 25, 2009
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