Extra Opps from the Sheriff, Weeeee

Payu2blog is better compared to other paid blogging services I have previously signed up for. I've been with them for around 3 months already, and assignments are doing well by far. It's a good and easy way to earn money online. Okay lang kahit 2 assignments lang most of the time. That is still 10USD! :) But last week, I was surprised when I noticed something new on my dashboard...

There were stars on my dashboard which are not usually there. Assuming that they were urgent opps, I immediately clicked on a link. I was very surprised with what I read:

The sheriff is looking out for you. You have been given an extra assignment.
Thanks for all your hard work

Oh, joy! Naawa na si sheriff sa akin because I only have one blog registered under them. To please google the world 'olats'

If you want to join Payu2blog, you may want to read these tips first.

Anyway, thanks a lot sheriff for the extra assignments! I wish you'll send me more this week! <3

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