Jollibee Singapore lah! Check out the menu!


Jollibee has landed in lah lah land! Today's is the day where Pinoys will feel like a Champ and bite onto their fried chickens with such pure joy. "Gravy" lang sa haba ng Q sa Lucky Plaza! :) But it's okay because now SG-based folks can get their fix of langhap-sarap yummy goodness.

So, how much will the food cost? This is the second question that popped into my mind, the first being "will there be gravy on my Chickenjoy?"

Thanks to the people of the interwebz, here's a digital copy of Jollibee Singapore menu, with price list and all!

jollibee singapore menu price list

Sorry to disappoint but there doesn't seem to be any palabok? I haven't been to Lucky Plaza yet so I may need to update this post. Anyway, as long as there's Chickenjoy and Spaghetti, I'll be a happy jabee girl.

What about you? What's your pick?
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