My Bucket List: 35 Things

Because the world is my oyster and oyster goes well with a good bottle of beer.

1. Watch the sunset from Oia
2. Watch the sunrise from Angkor Wat
3. Watch the aurora in real life
4. Be drunk at Delirium Cafe
5. Be sober and dance on the streets of Brazil or anywhere else I won't be arrested by gettin' jiggy with it
6. Celebrate New Year in New York
7. Visit all Disney theme parks in the world and cry after the fireworks go off
8. Visit the Harry Potter theme park and cry just because it's the Harry Potter theme park
9. Watch World Cup Live
10. Watch Olympics Live
11. Watch Coachella Live
12. Go to the Korean DMZ - if war hasn't broken out yet
13. Survive a war, if it breaks out (which I pray it won't). Otherwise, ride a Gondola in Venice
14. Climb the highest tower or building in a city and shout "Fuck you"
15. Climb a mountain and shout "Thank you Lord"
16. Learn to drive
17. Learn to scuba dive
18. Sky dive
19. Walk through [some parts of] the Great Wall of China
20. Stare at the pyramids and not feel rude
21. Bike the Golden Gate from end to end
22. Stand still on a surf board for some good 10 seconds
23. Go to a casino and make a crazy bet on anything. Anything.
24. Attend a Hollywood red carpet premiere and be a crazy celebrity fan, with printed photos, pen markers, and a camera
25. I dislike running. Finish a 21km race.
26. I'm afraid of dogs. Adopt one and understand why they are called man's best friend.
27. Plant a tree
28. Buy something really really nice (and expensive) for my family simply because I love them
29. Buy something really really nice (and expensive but not at all necessary) for myself simply because I deserve it
30. Buy a random gift to a random needy person
31. Make someone else's wish come true
32. Be a good mother
33. Love someone wholeheartedly without forgetting about myself in the process
34. Live a life of no regrets
35. Leave this world with a smile on my face

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