30 Gifs for the 5 Stages of Breakup Grief

Dedicated to everyone who've had their hearts broken.


Stage 1: Denial

But everything is perfectly fine!

You've been together in more parties, travels, and family gatherings than Taylor Swift has changed boyfriends. Also, you have a dog. So where's this whole break-up thing coming from?

Stage 2: Anger

Cut to the next scene where you call up your bestfriends and deal with your problem like any mature individuals would

In your drunken state, it's highly likely you've said any of these with reference to your heartless scum of the earth ex

Of course, your similarly drunk bestfriends will all be like

Stage 3: Bargaining

But your body can only take up so much beer/tequila/wine so you [try to] sober up, throw all your pride aside, and say the magic words:

Followed by a lot of reasons and promises to convince him/her that, "this is just a phase and things will be better."

Because the truth is, you just can't imagine your life without that person

So you are willing to hang on to everything. Anything. You beg for the pain to stop.

Stage 4: Depression

But it didn't stop. It just won't.

So any emotions aside from pain will be welcomed with open arms

You try to find solace in sleep

But you constantly wake up in the middle of the night feeling like somebody has ripped your heart out from your chest and you can't breathe.

Weeks, months, or years would pass.

Yet a lot of questions are still left unanswered

Stage 5: Acceptance

And then one day, boom! You truly wake up.

You accept the reality that he/she is not coming back.

You stop blaming yourself for everything.

You. Finally. Let. Go.

Because life's too awesome to keep on grieving about the past!

You learn to love yourself more, among other things

And though things won't always be perfect

I can assure you this:

I promise. :)

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