TckTckTck: Filipinos should join the Biggest Human Clock of All Time

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TckTckTck Campaign

In December of this year, the United Nations will meet to decide on the replacement of the Kyoto protocol, a defining agreement that will determine the future of our planet in the face of the climate crisis. People around the world are dying today as a result of climate change and without our collective action, this will continue. We have a collective opportunity to stop the clock.

The Biggest Human Clock of All Time

Become a Climate Ally by recording a one-second video of yourself or group saying 'tck'. You may also send in your photos or simply write a text message (view samples here). All materials can be uploaded at http://www.timeforclimatejustice.org/

Spread the Word

TckTckTck encourages everyone to be a part of this global campaign against climate change.  There are several ways to show your support:
Bloggers, you may download TckTckTck logos and flash banners and put them on your websites.

After Ondoy and Pepeng, I believe Filipinos must be more vigilant in taking care of the environment. Let's make good use of our online social networks by spreading information about this campaign. It will only take a few seconds of your time to help save the world. Please pass.
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