Via Mare Bibingka Puto Bumbong Delivery

It's just days before Christmas and I already exhausted my 13th month pay. Hihi. Still, that's not a reason for me (or almost everyone else, I assume) to celebrate this festive season. Sure, I have zero balance in my account but I still have my family and friends...like a parol in my bubong.

Credits to Ade Magnaye for this amazing gif

Speaking of bubong, I suddenly had a craving for puto bumbong (labo, mehn) the other day. With no kakanin stalls within walking distance, we decided to have puto bumbong and bibingka delivered from Cafe Via Mare. I accessed my account in www.quickdelivery.ph (woot, they changed lay-out recently pala!) to view the online menu. Ordering was rather easy since you could just click the item you want to get and input the details (number of orders, name label, special requests, etc.).

An hour later, the Quick Delivery manong finally came in our office bearing nomnom goodies.

Puto Bumbong and Bibingka Delivery

I was kinda worried that our kakain would get soggy or cold on the way but I noticed that Via Mare has a special wrapper for their bibingkas. There's a foil inside to retain the bibingkas moisture and freshness...neat!

Fresh and steaming bibingka! yum!

We got both variants of bibingka--Laguna Cheese with Salted Egg (Php115) and Quezo de Bola (Php130). Via Mare's version is bigger (good for sharing) and heavier than the usual bibingka. They are generous on the toppings too, particularly the Quezo de Bola variant.

Cafe Via Mare Laguna Cheese Bibingka

Cafe Via Mare Quezo de Bola Bibingka

Puto Bumbong is my favorite since I was a kid. I find joy in watching the manangs make the puto bumbong...like how they put the purple powder into tubes and steam them in twos. Sobrang aliw!

Cafe Via Mare Puto Bumbong (Php65)

I requested for extra sugar and coconut when I ordered so we were give A LOT of them. I think they used muscovado instead of the regular white sugar. Very interesting and Pinoy indeed!

And since Christmas is the time for sharing...

Parang dinaanan lang ng bagyo <3

Have your bibingka and puto bumbong delivered at your home or office! Call Cafe Via Mare via Quick Delivery at 2121212 or order online at www.quickdelivery.ph

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