Beer Review: Beer Lao from Laos

I've read somewhere in the interwebs that Beer Lao is THE BEER TO TRY. Wikipedia says Laos is next to Vietnam and since I don't have plans to visit Vietnam [yet], I asked my bestfriend to find Beer Lao Lager when she visited HCM very recently.

Smuggled beer from Kindred P

Quoting an article from NYTimes, Beer Lao is "considered sort of a funky, travelers’ beer...anybody who has traveled would drink it."

YEY, this beer fits me.

wtf i got siopao face

I'm no connoisseur but I really like the taste of Beer Lao. I would definitely rank it with my other favorites--Duvel and San Miguel Super Dry. Also, considering I got the canned one (I don't like canned beers, they usually taste gross), it had a clean crisp taste. Saw from online research that Beer Lao tastes better fresh, i.e. from tap. Maybe I should include Laos in my itinerary?

Oh, there you are.

I'm not sure if Beer Lao is available in the Philippines--I haven't seen any in Distillery, Pivo, or The Reserve Liquor Lounge. Maybe I should drop by Beer Paradise to check? I'd like to try Beer Lao Lager and Dark!
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