DMDP Final Project = Friday the 13th

From http://www.facebook.com/immap.digitaldiploma:

Some of our AM Expert Panel Members for the Marketing 360 Final Presentations: Resty Magno(Admax Network), Norman Agatep (EuroRSCG 4D Manila), Amor Maclang(Geiser Maclang), Lawrence Villegas(Arc Worldwide), Nix Nolledo(IMMAP,Xurpas), Eduardo Mapa(Media Contacts) PM Panel:TJ Parpan(Dentsu Indio),Dobbin Tan(Rising Tide Mobile), Michael Palacios(Havoc Digital), Titoy Colayco (Marketing Diploma Program)

Final presentation of Ateneo's Digital Marketing Diploma Program (Certified Digital Marketer Program) will be on Friday, August 13. OMG WISH ME LUCK!!!

Join the 2nd batch of CDMP. Visit www.iamadigitalmarketer.com
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