Php100 Finds at Robinsons Galleria All Out Clearance Sale

What can you buy with Php100?

For me, it would either be:

A. 4 bottles of beer (330ml), deposit not included
B. 3 for 100 ukay-ukay items
C. 2 Pirated DVDs =p
D. 1 Cheeseburger Meal, extra large fries/drinks + extra ketchup

Limited choices + meh = my emoticons are hurt because I am poor.

So when I recently visited the Robinsons Galleria All-Out Clearance Sale 2010, I challenged myself to look for cool items priced at Php100 and below.

My first stop was Best Sellers bookstore, located at the 4th level of Galleria. Various hardbound titles on Advertising, Sales, Finance, Medicine, Parenting, etc. are being sold at up to 70% off the tag. Definitely a real bargain for readers and collectors alike.

My Php100 below finds (click on photos to zoom):

Php50 Children's Literature

Php100 Adult Literature *wink wink*

A short walk led me to the huge Toys R Us, also located on the 4th level. I felt Christmas the minute I stepped in the store. TOYS TOYS TOYS!

From Php249.75 to Php100

Saw some cute and cheap items that are perfect for Christmas exchange gifts! Everything priced at Php100 and below :)

Something Small - Die Cast

Something Weird - OMG TROLL DOLLS!

Something Funny - Talking Stewie Toy Figure and Beer Money Coin Bank

Something Cute - Stuffed Toys

Seriously, you guys. Start doing your Christmas shopping now to save time and money! Pangit mag-shopping kapag siksikan na ang malls, di ba? =p


I like Galleria's department store because the place is spacious and there's a wide variety of choices. Bags! Shoes! Yey! I even managed to find some items within my hundred peso budget!

Cute graphic tees for Php99

Retro-themed alarm clock and journal

4R Photo Albums with Belle-de-Jour-like cover designs

Useful items for apartments and dorms

Gift-ready face towels

If you also want  your own search for great sale finds, do check out the Robinsons Malls All Out Clearance Sale until August 30, 2010.

For updates on Robinsons Malls, follow them on Facebok at http://www.facebook.com/RobinsonsMalls
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