Singapore Kuala Lumpur Long Weekend

I'm going again to Singapore tomorrow! Lol! We won't be staying at Rucksack Inn anymore. Instead, I got a dorm bed in this new hostel called The Sojourn near Orchard Road. I hope it's good as well. By the way, I will meet with Sheila and Ian on Sunday morning for breakfast and obligatory touristy photo at the Merlion Statue. It would be a short breakfast though, as we need to be at the Golden Mile Complex bus station by 11:30. The bus that would take us to KL would be the Starmart AirAsia Express (Double Deck!!!) It's going to be a 5-hour ride so I'll probably need get some claypot chicken rice and carrot cake to go from hawker heaven Golden Mile Food Centre. I hope the Petronas Twin Towers look good in real life as it they do in photos. Also, I'll be meeting up with Filipino bloggers Hannah Villasis and Ed Arevalo at KL. Omgnezzz fun!!!!

Must pack stuff now!!!!
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