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I finally got the chance to maximize Skype during my recent Bangkok trip. As costs of international calls and messaging are still high, free services such as Skype proved to be very helpful in connecting with my loved ones and friends.
We stayed in a simple guest house off Khao San road with a reasonable priced lodging and an internet café at the ground floor lobby. Internet access is priced at 20thb (less than a dollar) per hour, which is rather cheap considering Khao San is frequented by foreigners. Although there’s free wifi access for hotel guests and diners, I still chose to avail the desktop access as I wanted to use a webcam for Skype.

On our first morning in Bangkok, I called up my mom via Skype and told her to activate her webcam. She’s not really a techie person so there was a “little delay" to our conversation. Several minutes and a handful of instructions later, we finally had our first video call! It was very nice that we could both see how each other despite our distance. She was very worried of my safety given the recent Thailand street protests. I knew that our online conversation somehow gave her relief. Too bad though that the webcams installed in the net shop gave poor images and are constantly buffering. It would have been better had we used a high-end camera that will make us see each other clearly. A cool gadget would be the FV touchcam N1 from faceVsion Technology, the first internet streaming true HD webcam for Skype video calls.

Bangkok. Photo taken using our guest house's webcam :(

Unlike other common names such as Logitech, Creative, and Microsoft Cinema, the TouchCam N1 boasts of a full screen 720p video which guarantees high-definition picture everywhere, everytime. Another amazing feature is the H.264 hardware encoder, a built-in chip that squeezes the HD images into a small stream that may be be sent over a typical Internet connection. Imagine, high-definition without the need for ultra high-speed connection! Now, your personal and business video calls will be made easier and clearer through this cutting-edge technology. All these features are now made possible in a portable, plug-and-play hardware. 

World's first Skype-certified webcam

The FV TouchCam N1 may be purchased at the faceVision on line store as with otherfaceVsion products like FV ExpressCombo. For more information, visit the official website of faceVsion

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