How To Bid [and win] in Winila

'sup, yo.

I tried Winila but things didn't go exactly as I imagined, i.e. I lost so now I need vodka.

For the brave ones who want to try their 'luck' in this new online auction site, here are some points you should remember:

1. YOUR bid credits will decrease by one (1) whenever YOU place a bid.
2. Item's price will increase by $0.01 whenever a bid is placed.
3. A maximum of 20 seconds will be automatically added to the countdown timer whenever a bid is placed. This will allow other users to participate in the auction.
4. When the timer reaches 0:00:00, the last user who placed the bid will be declared winner

actual Winila auction

Timing is important. Don't bid too early--wait until the timer reaches 5 seconds (or below) before you re-click the nasty BID! button. Remember, your credits decrease everytime you bid so please please please use it carefully.

ffffuuuuuuu i got outbid by someone else for $0.64

By the way, Winila is open to users 18 y/o up, worldwide. Registration is free and you could do that HERE.

If you're 17 and reading this, cld u plz go back to Pet Society. or Myspace. 'Cuz no, they won't auction Edward Cullen here.
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