/KICK Villar and Enrile adsense

The Annoying Adsense Political Ads are annoying. Manny Villar and Juan Ponce Enrile, could you please get out of my very soshal and uber sikat blog? My loyal readers--all three of them--are not happy with you. And that's, liek, wtf? Nobody invited you here, uhmkay?

Good thing I found a way to roundhouse kick block them on adsense (whattanoob) yey!!!

Went to Google Adsense account > Adsense Setup > Competitive Ad filter

Under Adsense for Content Filters I typed the following on my Content / Feed / Search tabs:



Click 'Save Changes' and that's it! I haven't seen any of their faces on my page since I "filtered" them. It would take a while to take effect though, so be patient. Play Plants and Zombies or something. Make good use of the innernettz by googling Georgina Wilson photos.


Now, can somebody teach me how to block Manny Villar on Yahoo Messenger? I promise to buy you beer. If you're cute, I'll go out with you.


No, I'll just buy you 2 bottles of beer.
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