Pancake House, Pancake Heaven

Things I look for when I'm sad: Beer, Burger and Fries, Pancakes.

Things I look for when I'm happy: Beer, Burger and Fries, Pancakes, Georgina Wilson photos.

Last night, I was happy/sad so Ian, Sheila, and I had dinner at Pancake House Galleria.



We ordered, well, pancakes. -.-

Butter, I eat you forever!!!

Classic Pancakes (Php116 for 2 pcs, Php142 for 3pcs) - Golden brown pancakes served with butter that looks like an ice cream scoop. Boom! Awesome x 10! If you like your pancake different (I don't), you could go with the flavored ones: blueberry, cheese, peach, walnut, etc.


Php116 may seem too pricey for a 2-pc plain pancake (McDo sells it at half the price) but I suggest you give it a try. Aside from the great food, Pancake House has a laid-back feel that contributes to the dining experience.



Ian got the Spaghetti Club Special Set (Php197). It's beef pasta with clubhouse sandwich. Soup and  iced tea are also included so it's actually a complete meal.


Sheila and I ordered the House Special Set (Php215) because we know the classic pan fried chicken tastes great. The set came with spaghetti, taco, and a glass of iced tea.

I find the pasta sauce too strong. I'm not that sure, but I think they put liver spread in the sauce. Or maybe I'm just used to Spaghetti Noy-pi (Jollibee's, hihi) The taco, on the other hand, is pure win! It's huge and packed with cheese, vegetables and beef. Maybe I should add it in my to-look-for-when-happy. Right after Georgina Wilson. Will give it some serious thought.

hi! hi! hi! i want you!

I want more pancakes and tacos. I should stop this and sleep.

taco baby!!!!

Check out Pancake House's menu, promo announcements, branches, etc. at http://www.pancakehouse.biz/

P.S. 2.0
I hope they'll have a mobile gc promo, like what FlapJacks did last year. <3
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