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I'm a student. Yep! I just look bummed out all the time but I do have a job and am currently taking up a post-grad diploma course at ADMU (check out their site heeerrree).

Anyway, we just finished our module on Mobile Marketing last week. Learned quite a lot in this class, especially when we got tasked to submit a mobile marketing plan. Hours were spent on online and offline meetings, email exchanges and preparing a creative presentation. Kudos to my Awesome Petron groupmates Nat, Bong, Acee, Thea, and Balot! I appreciate your insights on ROI, sms costs, and Doritos (hehehehe).

 mock-up banner I designed for Petron's Gas Up! Gear Up! campaign


Since we're on the topic of mobile, lemme share this lulz comparison of a "Pinoy cel owner 10 years ago" and
a "Pinoy cel owner 2010"

1. Price of a mobile sim card

10 Years Ago: A sim pack would cost around Php800 to Php1000. Ouch.
2010: Get it for as low as Php10. Or free, when you buy a new phone.

2. Your sim got PIN blocked

10 Years Ago: You will cry and blame your little sister/brother for trying to guess your PIN code. Emotional drama caused by reason #1. You will also spend the day searching your bedroom for that black paper thingy with the PUK code. You will not find it.
2010: "Hi guys, I will use this number starting today. My sim got whacked this am. Please save. Thnx!"

3. You got asked, "What are the latest phone models of Nokia?"

10 Years Ago: You will proudly recite all ten models, starting from 5110. Then you'll show your newly-modified Nokia 3210 with lcd background, neon keypad lights, and faux 3310 case.
2010: Lemme google that.

4. Reasons for purchasing a phone

10 Years ago:


5. You cannot live without your phone because

10 Years Ago: Your inbox can only accommodate 15 sms (you were never a fan of the INBOX FULL alert) Also, your ego requires you to beat your classmate's high-score in Snake.
2010: One cannot live without a phone. FTW!!!
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