Danissa tries Uncle Cheffy's Panizza



So what's a Panizza?

It's a very thin pizza (go figure!) that you roll up with Arugula leaves and Alfalfa sprouts. It's like Yellow Cab's Dear Darla Pizza minus the hard crust and YC's signature oiliness. Hihi.

 thin-crust panizza

Last week, we went to Uncle Cheffy at Eastwood mall to try it out. The sign said "Brick-Oven Panizza" which reminded me of Chi's brick oven kitchen at BF Homes, PQ.

I like how the crust is thin and crisp yet it doesn't crack or break when you roll it. Note that it doesn't have much cheese and toppings so make sure to add arugula, alfalfa, and salsa. Just imagine you're eating pizza and salad at the same time. LOL. Putting the vegetables and rolling up the crust before taking a bite makes eating a panizza fun and experiential.
 roll 'em up!

If you want to try something different, drop by Uncle Cheffy Brick Oven Panizza at 2/F Eastwood Mall, Libis QC. The place is crowded when we went there so be on the safe side and call them first for reservation at 383-7215.

remember: salsa, alfalfa, arugula

We also got to taste several best-selling items from Uncle Cheffy!<3

Garlic Studded Pork Belly Lechon (Php 95 per 100g) - Everyone's favorite lechon kawali served with marble potatoes, salsa, and special sauce. This heart stopper has pork skin as crisp as chicharon. Go easy on this one if you're on a diet, uhmkay?


Uncle Cheffy Salad (Php 230 / 495) - Take the garlic studded pork belly and mix it with asparagus, sliced potatoes, and dijoinaise dressing. It makes quite a heavy dish for a salad but it's worth a try.

Memphis Barbeque US Beef Rib Fingers (Php 595 per 1000g) - These fall of the bone ribs are tender and full of flavor. Here's a tip: try it with alfalfa sprouts (from your panizza) to neutralize the taste!


Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad in Roasted Sesame Vinaigrette (Php 295 / 495) - The vegetables are crisp and fresh but the grilled prawns are quite disappointing. It's supposed to be the highlight of the dish but it tasted rather dry and over-cooked.


Spaghetti Alejandro (Php 350) - A Spanish-inspired pasta with smoked chorizos and pimientos, topped with edam cheese--too bad I didn't get to try this one. I'm guessing it tasted great kasi mabilis naubos hehe =p

group shot from Jen and Jef Aspacio

Thanks to Megaworld and Tinay Magtira for sponsoring this post-valentine dinner! :)
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